A Little Us Time

Posted by on March 26, 2018

This week we continued the ‘weaning’ process with Alyssa.  We only went into the work at the warehouse on Tuesday and Thursday giving her more time on her own.  But since the RV park is only about three miles away from the shop we were close enough if she needed us.  She does an awesome job and we are just a phone call or text away if she needs us.

Michael and Bret Maverick…errr..James Garner

On our days away from the shop we took a little time for.  On Tuesday, we hunted down a Roadside America attraction in downtown Norman.  Actor, James Garner, of The Rockford Files fame was born and raised in Norman.

To honor the local hero the town erected a bronze statue of Garner’s character, Bret Maverick, and placed it in a small park on the corner of Main Street and Jones Street in downtown Norman.  The statue is accompanied by a plaque providing details of the mans life and career.  We might have enjoyed the visit a bit more but it was cold and wind was whippin’ like an arctic blast.  It was everything we could do not to get blown away.

The side of the Boomarang has this awesome mural painted on it

Preston and Alyssa had recommended a local favorite, the Boomarang Diner so we headed there to get out of the wind.  A cute, little place decked out in 50s Hollywood decor.  The walls are covered with famous photos of Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, Laurel & Hardy, the Marx Brothers…very cool.

We didn’t take long to decide on our lunch dishes – Michael went with a hamburger plate (hamburger patty, topped with french fries, covered in gravy) and I ordered a patty melt with fried pickles.  My lunch was really good…Michael felt his gravy was a bit too salty.  He’s not a big salt fan but I often find that beef gravy is too salty.  Nevertheless, I think he enjoyed his lunch.

Burgers from Sooner Dairy

On Wednesday we tried out another local favorite for lunch…Sooner Dairy Lunch, which has been serving up lunch since 1954!  Just a small place which musta used to have been a drive in…but now it’s all walk up.  Serving burgers, sandwiches and sides to go with them.

We both ordered cheeseburgers and shared some onion rings and tater tots.  We chose to sit at the small counter just inside the vestibule…the only ones who did…although there were quite a few customers that came and went, placing their orders and picking them up.

The burgers were good…nice sized and plenty of condiments…however, they really needed some seasoning.  I ended up adding salt to my burger…twice.  The burgers at Burger Boy in San Antonio rate higher in my book.  On the bright side, the tots and onion rings were really good!

After ward we drove up to our usual theater in OKC and watched Game Night.  IMDb rated it at 7.4 and I would probably give it a little less than that…maybe 7.0.  We both enjoyed it…laughed a lot which is good for the soul, you know.  Definitely not a blockbuster…but a fun movie to watch.

Michael’s bronchitis seems to have finally turned the corner!  He had a bit of a rough day on Monday but since then he seems to be on the upside.  Thank goodness!

An EXCELLENT patient

However, he’s had a tough that’s been giving him some trouble since before we had our check-ups in San Antonio on the first.  The dentist took a look at it the but said there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  Unfortunately, the tooth began bothering he quite a bit overnight Wednesday/Thursday and he decided to go in and have it looked at again.

We found a dentist, nearby, that was able to fit him in to their schedule on Thursday.  Turns out there was a large cavity in the tooth below the gum line and the tooth couldn’t be saved.  (Not sure how the other dentist didn’t see it with the x-rays they took)  The tooth was not cooperative and Michael ended up in the dentist’s chair for over three hours.  First, the tooth broke, which wasn’t a big deal in itself as the dentist just removed it in three pieces.  However, the last piece (fourth) was so tightly embedded in the bone that he had to

take several breaks to go and help other patients.

I’m pretty sure that Michael is the bravest man on earth.  He just sat there…didn’t flinch…didn’t moan…didn’t whine…nothing.  Had it been me, they would have had to have loaded me up on Valium to keep me calm.

We expected him to be pretty sore after all of the trauma but he was feeling pretty good that evening after the numbing wore off and even the following morning he was doing well.  I made sure he stayed on top of his pain meds, just in case though.

Michael and a giraffe skeleton

Saturday we did something I’ve been wanting to do since the first time we came to the OKC area…visit the Museum of Osteology (the study of bones)!  We arrived at 10:00 am when they opened and there were just two other people there so it was nice and quiet and we were able to take our time and survey the displays and read the information provided.

Pretty interesting stuff

Surprisingly, there were a lot of displays that were ‘touchable’…which we did!  We’re big into ‘hands on’ museums…makes them that much more fun and enjoyable.

The collection is pretty extensive…human skeletons, birds, fish, carnivores, amphibians, reptiles.  From BIG (elephants, hippopotamus, rhinoceros) to itty bitty (humming-bird, mice, lizards) and everything in between (squirrel, bears, dogs, monkeys, etc).

A couple off itty bitty humming birds

We got about 45 minutes or so of peace and quiet before a bunch of families arrived.  We finished up and were leaving about and hour and fifteen minutes after we arrived.  It’s a great place for kids and families – with several kids activities to keep them engages (scavenger hunts, coloring pages, hands on displays, etc).

Sunday  was a day of anticipation.  Our son, Dan, and his family were coming to Norman!  Dan wanted to make a trip to Norman to see his investment, first hand.  It worked out nicely that we were here too.  They got to their hotel about 5:30…where we met them.

Das Boot!

After they unpacked the car we headed out for dinner…our first choice, Royal Bavaria, was closed for a private party so we ended up at Das Boot Camp (their sister place).  Michael, Amanda and I ordered jagerschnitzel while Dan went with a sausage plate.  I think everyone enjoyed their meals…as far as I know.

However, the real star of the show was Dan’s ‘boot’.  After tasting several beers he ordered his favorite (a Seasonal) in a boot….a 2 liter boot!  That’s a lot of beer.  Both Michael and Amanda tried it too…Michael liked it…Amanda…not so much!  As hard as he tried, Dan just couldn’t finish it all…pretty sure he would have exploded had he been able to!

Our time in Oklahoma has come to an end.  Today (Monday 3/26) we head out to Arkansas to visit Michael’s mom, Alice…and Dan, Amanda, Alex, Ben and Zoe are coming along!



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  1. crpeine

    Michael deserves a bravest patient award!! I hurt just thinking about it. The Osteology Museum sounds very interesting. Oklahoma city is a place I’d love to spend a week or more at. There is so much to do there and we’ve barely seen any of it. Have fun in Arkansas.

    • Kelly

      There is quite a bit of things to see and do in Oklahoma City…and we’ve done quite a bit…but there’s still more!

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