Charlestons, Chinese & Greater Tuna!

Posted by on March 19, 2018

Another week in the books…and another starts.  This week we started the ‘weaning’ process…meaning we only went into work at the warehouse Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that Alyssa could get used to working without us there.  She’s very resourceful so I know she’ll be ok.  But we’d rather be nearby if she has questions/needs or concerns.  Since we’re just about 4 miles from the shop we can pop over easily if needed.

Michael was feeling quite a bit better on Monday and decided not to go into see a doctor after all.  He still had several days of antibiotic left anyway.  Unfortunately, this crud does not vacate the body easily and he is improving…not fast enough for his liking…but he is improving.

Tuesday morning he still wasn’t feeling much better and decided to go back to the doctor after all.  He was prescribed a new antibiotic, a ‘super’ Zpac and some cough medicine.  Unfortunately, when he gets some respiratory stuff going on it almost always turns into bronchitis and he has a heck of a time getting rid of it.

I think that i am at the tail end of the crud…I feel pretty good but still have a small cough which I’m hoping will be gone soon.

People have asked if we got the flu shot…yes, we did.  They say that without the flu shot it would have been much worse…ugh.

A couple of good kids right here…

Tuesday evening we took Alyssa and Preston out for dinner at Charleston’s.  Preston has a lot of food sensitivities and this was one place he could eat and not have to worry about having issues.

The restaurant had a really nice ambiance and our waiter, Trenton, was excellent.  Michael ordered smoked salmon, I had a prime rib sandwich and both Preston and Alyssa ordered steaks.  The food was very good but we really enjoyed sitting down with both Preston and Alyssa and getting to know them better.  Good kids.  We’re really blessed to have both of them on our team.

The oil patch seems to be following us!

We can’t quite seem to get away from the oil field!  Considering we have a working oil well right next door to our warehouse…  You don’t have to ask…we still don’t miss working as gate guards…but we do still miss the guys.  We really were blessed to meet some pretty awesome people while working in the oil field.

Jeremy getting them disc brakes installed

Thursday we worked from home and walked across the park to check out the install that Preston and his helper, Jeremy were doing for one of our customers.  They were making good time.  The customer wanted to be able to pull out of his site by 5:00 pm so he could drive back down toward Dallas.  Preston and Jeremy had them back on the road before 5:00 pm.

There was a swap meet going on at the fairgrounds this week so I walked over to check it…meh…not my thing.  It was all about cars…cars for sale, car parts for sale, car accessories for sale, car toys for sale.  Oh well…got me out walking a little bit anyway.

We met Gus and Debra for an early dinner at the Taste of China Restaurant in Oklahoma City Thursday evening.  Michael and I had been there back in November and really enjoyed it as they have a huge variety and everything was fresh.  This time, coming at 4:30, I thought we’d get fresh food again…but it wasn’t to be.  However, the fresh stuff came out by the time we left a couple of hours later.  You win some, you lose some, I guess.  We had a good visit with our friends…and that made it worth it.

An itty bitty theater

After dinner, Michael and I drove to downtown OKC as we had tickets to the play, ‘Greater Tuna‘.  It’s a fun play, for sure.  The cast consists of two men who play the roles of about 20 characters…men, women, kids.  Some parts were kinda dumb but we sure did some chuckling at some of the characters.  We’ve seen ‘Guys on Ice’ in the past which is about two guys ice fishing and it was hilarious.  Greater Tuna was good…but not quite to the same caliber as Guys on Ice.  Nonetheless, it was a nice way to break up our work week.

Alyssa as the warehouse looking fabulous…and she’s still working on more!

Friday we were back in the office working with Alyssa.  The day went quite smooth.  I sent out a couple of invoices, we received a payment or two and Alyssa was able to ship out at least one order.  Michael, of course, spent a good portion of his day on the phone with prospective customers.

We always try to observe Lent by not eating meat on Fridays so this week we went to the Catfish Cove in Moore (about 6 miles from the shop).  They offer a seafood buffet for $14.99 which has several variations of catfish, tilapia, chicken, frog legs, and shrimp.

Seafood buffet

There’s also a nice salad bar and plenty of sides like macaroni & cheese, baked potatoes, green beans, carrots, corn, hush puppies, cabbage, dinner rolls and that’s not everything.  Plus they have bread pudding and several cobblers that you can top with home-made ice cream.  Not bad…not bad at all.  It’d be worth a trip to go back.

Michael’s new Bluetooth capable hearing aids allow him to talk on the phone hands free – he’s talking with a customer here.

By Friday, Michael was feeling quite a bit better and was starting to get his voice back.  He still has a cough but it had improved tremendously.  He’s still taking his meds and will continue until they’re gone.  Let’s hope that that is all of the sickness for us this year!

Saturday Michael and I were back at the warehouse to do a complete inventory.  Time to get our numbers 100% squared away.  We got to the warehouse about 11:30 and left about 8:30…a long day but we got it done and feel good about it.

We hadn’t eaten since morning so we picked up a pizza on the way home, ate a couple of pieces, watched a TV show and hit the hay when we got home.

Now we’re ready for another week to start…our last week here in Norman before we head east to Arkansas to visit family and friends.



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