Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Posted by on March 11, 2018

Once again I’m WAY behind on blogging.

Overnight accommodations

Since I last wrote we have moved north to Norman, Oklahoma which is a southern suburb of Oklahoma City.  We had originally planned to move on March 5th but on March 3rd we found out that our site at Ft. Sam was actually only paid for until the 3rd…oops!  We quickly packed up and within about 45 minutes we were on the road headed north.

We drove to Gainesville, Texas and spent the night at the Cracker Barrel there, having dinner that night and breakfast the following morning to thank them for our ‘site’.

We pulled into the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman about noon and quickly got set up before heading out to our warehouse just down the road.  We checked things out and then made stops at Walmart and Braum’s before heading home.

Monday we had the unpleasant task of letting our warehouse worker go.  Talk about making you sick to your stomach.  Unfortunately, he just wasn’t as motivated as we needed him to be…with us not here often we really need someone who is trustworthy, motivated and a go-getter.

Learning to use a forklift!

We hired a young lady to take over and are already very impressed with her.  She’s a self-starter, motivated and a very fast learner.  She started on Wednesday and jumped in feet first and I already feel good about our decision.

We worked from the warehouse all week – doing our normal duties as well as training Alyssa on her duties.  She’s a fast learner and is not afraid to work.  Since Michael and I haven’t filled orders before we’re all kind of learning.

Michael ended up going to Urgent Care on Tuesday and found that he was beyond the flu and it had gone into bronchitis.  They gave him a couple of shots in the dupa, a breathing treatment and a prescription for an antibiotic.  He went home and slept most of the day.  Thankfully, Preston came in to work in the warehouse with me, which was a HUGE help.

John and Barbara

Michael was feeling a bit better and went into work with me on Wednesday.  That evening we had dinner with one of our installers, John, and his wife Barbara.  We’d not met yet…we’ve talked on the phone, emailed and texted…but never met yet.  They were in town for some doctors appointments before heading to Illinois for their granddaughters birthday and then are headed back to Florida to do some more installs.

Theta burger

It was great to meet them and spend time getting to know them…even though it felt like we already knew them since we’ve communicated so much already.  We had dinner at Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler, one of John and Barbara’s favorites.  The recommended the #9 – Theta Burger so we both tried it.  Unfortunately, it was our thing.  The burger has a theta sauce on it which is as a hickory sauce…but it reminded us both of Skyline Chili…which neither of us cared for…thankfully, the company was much more enjoyable for us.

Larry – our metal craftsman

Thursday afternoon Michael and I went over to pick up some product from one of our suppliers.  Larry is a metal artist and makes our brackets.  His one man shop is filled with history…most of his equipment dates back to the 1920s, 30s and 40s.  He shared the history of many of the pieces with us and even gave us a demonstration of how he’s able to make a piece of metal look like bark on a tree.  Awesome stuff!

Gus & Debra

Thursday evening we met friends Gus & Debra for dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido.  Gus had had a heart procedure the day before and we were thrilled that he was feeling well enough to meet us for dinner.  We had an excellent time visiting and really enjoyed the restaurant.  On top of enjoyed our meals we were also served chips, salsa, & queso individually as well as a tasty sopapilla for dessert!  Good stuff!

Friday was much quieter work-wise…giving us a chance to get caught up with phone calls and emails that seemed to be backed up since Michael was out sick on Tuesday.  While I tried to field his phone calls while he was resting, there was only so much I could do as he’s much more technically savvy than I am.

I even got caught up with our Heartland Chapter Leader work.  We had 32 new club members in our chapter over the last couple of months and we were just now given their information.  So I emailed each of them, welcomed them to the club and invited them to our rally this fall as well as the regional rally in Branson in May.

Lotsa stuff I didn’t need

Saturday Michael was pretty drained so he napped quite a bit.  There was a flea market/craft sale going on at the so I walked over (just a hop and a jump away – no skip!) I wandered the rows and didn’t find anything I really had to have other than a dip mix.

Sunday Michael turned 54 and we celebrated by going to see ‘Red Sparrow’ at the theater.  This particular theater is one we went to several times last fall when we were here for a rally.  It’s old but for $3.99 a ticket…you really can’t beat it.

The movie was good…kind of hard to follow in places but in the end it all came together.

Afterward we went to Saltgrass for ‘lupper’.  I think if we were both feeling 100% we would have enjoyed our meals much more…but as it is Michael is still miserable and I’m still coughing although feeling better than I have, but food doesn’t have much taste…for either of us.

I’m thinking Michael will probably be headed back to the doctor tomorrow as he doesn’t feel as though he’s progressing as he should be.





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  1. Peggy Krepelka

    See if you can get a prescription for tessalon pills for cough…they work miracles for David and I.

    • Kelly

      Hi Peggy!

      Hmmm…never heard of them. My cough is almost gone (knock on wood!) and Michael is on an antibiotic. If he ends up going back into the doctor I’ll ask about the pills. Thanks for the suggestion!

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