The Flu Strikes

Posted by on March 2, 2018

Wrangling a ladder isn’t easy!

Michael was given a small drone for Christmas and pulled it out on Saturday afternoon to give it a test flight.  At first he was trying to test it out inside the house and I had visions of it getting stuck in my hair (you may remember THIS) so I sent him outside.

The drone seems to be pretty touchy as it wasn’t very long before Michael came inside because the drone had ‘jumped ship’…or the fence actually…and landed in a tree on the other side.  LOL  Michael ended up wrangling with the ladder to get over the fence to retrieve his new toy.  I got a good giggle watching the whole retrieval!

The gang’s all here…

For some strange reason I bought a big ol’ ham a few weeks ago and really didn’t know why…but I musta had a feeling I’d need it.  Whatever the case, I used that big ol’ ham as an excuse to have everyone over for ‘hot ham sandwich potluck’ Saturday afternoon.

…even Nelly for a short while

Since it’s been raining here off and on over the last few days we thought it best to hang out inside and we fit just fine in the living room.  Nelly still isn’t feeling the best and only stopped by for a short while before she went back home to lie down.

The rest of us enjoyed our potluck meal (scalloped potatoes, chips, sweet potato casserole, baked beans, shrimp cocktail, home-made salsa, home-made caramels, rice krispie bars….a nice spread.  We visited for several hours before everyone headed home.  Jim and Nancy were hosting breakfast the following morning so they wanted to get home and do some prep work.

Preparing for a scrumptious breakfast

Sunday morning we all converged over at the Beletti’s place for breakfast at 9:30 am.  Nelly was feeling considerably better and it was good to see her on the mend.  Unfortunately, Kevin had started coughing on Saturday while we were all together and by Sunday he was starting to go downhill but joined us for breakfast.  I think he went home to lie down afterward though.

Breakfast was delicious.  Nancy & Jim made two quiches – one with just bacon and cheese…the other with ham, bacon, cheese, onions, garlic and spinach.  MmmMmm they were both good but the ‘loaded’ one was the bomb.  Good stuff.  We all visited for a couple of hours (making plans for other days) before we all went our separate ways.

We had a really quiet weekend, work-wise, so Michael did his ‘putzing’ thing outside while I did some computer work and watched a movie.  We had a relatively quiet remainder of the day, just doing our own thing.

Lunch for eight

The rest of the group went to El Mercado to do some shopping and wandering around on Monday but Michael and I decided just to meet them for lunch at Mi Tierra as Monday’s are normally pretty busy with PTB business.

The eight of us gathered for lunch about 11:30.  Michael and I had been to Mi Tierra back in October with our pre-rally group and we enjoyed it then and enjoyed it again this time.  I really like the ambiance as it’s very festive and fun.

Michael ordered the poblano dinner and really enjoyed it.  I went with a taco salad and enjoyed it…but could have done with just a little less lettuce…however, the shell/bowl it came in was really really yummy…plus the waitress suggested I get a combination of beef and chicken, which I did, and I really liked that too.

Gonna miss this happy guy!

After lunch we parted ways as the rest were going to continue their shopping spree while Michael and I had a few errands to run…one of which was to stop and pick up our mail.  This is one of the last times we’ll be seeing Andrew so I made sure to snap a photo of the three of us together.  Andrew has been such a pleasure to get to know that it’s gonna feel like I’m leaving one of my sons behind!  We won’t see him again until November more than likely.

That evening, Bette and Lou invited everyone over to their places for cocktails (Beaver Nuggets & Cheezits were used as enticement) Of course there were lots of other snacks – nuts, candies, Chex Mix etc.  Food is not far away when a group of Heartlanders gather.

Tuesday Michael had a follow-up appointment with his CPAP doctor who ordered a CT scan of his lungs so that she can look it over before his next appointment which is not until November when we’re back in San Antonio.

We went to see Annihilation at the Alamo Drafthouse and were really disappointed.  I always check IMDb and their rating was 7.9 so I expected something much better than what we got.  I wouldn’t rate it over a 6 (and that’s being generous) as it was pretty lame.  Oh well…we win some…we lose some.

We gathered with ‘the gang’ that’s here at Ft. Sam for a ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ potluck at 3:00 pm.  Bette & Lou provided biscuits, gravy and bacon while the Beletti’s brought eggs, Wolbeck’s made hashbrowns and we brought fruit salad.  And don’t let me forget that we had mimosa’s too!

We had  quite a bit of work to do so we headed home shortly after 5:00 pm to tackle it.  It seems that I may have caught Nelly & Kevin’s ‘gunk’ so I’m feeling pretty crappy – cough, chills, congestion.  Hopefully the buck stops with me and no one else ends up with it!

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling like death warmed over.  I had a follow-up appointment to go over my labs (which were awesome!) with my new doctor at 10:15 am and it was all I could do to get to it as I just wanted to go to bed.

Michael got me to the appointment and when Dr. Ivy asked me how I was feeling, I think she could hear in my response the I wasn’t feeling well.  After going over my labs she did a short exam and then did a flu screening (a swab in both nostrils…kill me now!).  The results were ready in 12 minutes…mine were positive for Flu, type B.  Wonderful.  She prescribed Tami-flu, which we picked up on the way home.

Back home I went to bed and slept several hours before I got up to do a little work and then was back in bed shortly after 7:00 pm.

Not my favorite seat at all!

I woke up feel much improved on Thursday morning…well enough to go to the dentist for an exam/cleaning!  Both Michael and I had appointments with a new dental clinic here in San Antonio.  We recently signed up for the Retiree Dental program.

Our appointments went ok…the office is very nice and everyone was very helpful.  The only drawback is that we both found that we have some work to do…which wasn’t really surprising since we hadn’t been to a dentist in about three years (Yikes!).  We made appointments for November for another cleaning and to get some work done.

We are now ALL done with medical appointments!  Thank goodness!


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