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A Little Us Time

This week we continued the ‘weaning’ process with Alyssa.  We only went into the work at the warehouse on Tuesday and Thursday giving her more time on her own.  But since the RV park is only about three miles away from the shop we were close enough if she needed us.  She does an awesome … Continue reading »

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Charlestons, Chinese & Greater Tuna!

Another week in the books…and another starts.  This week we started the ‘weaning’ process…meaning we only went into work at the warehouse Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that Alyssa could get used to working without us there.  She’s very resourceful so I know she’ll be ok.  But we’d rather be nearby if she has questions/needs … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Once again I’m WAY behind on blogging. Since I last wrote we have moved north to Norman, Oklahoma which is a southern suburb of Oklahoma City.  We had originally planned to move on March 5th but on March 3rd we found out that our site at Ft. Sam was actually only paid for until the … Continue reading »

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The Flu Strikes

Michael was given a small drone for Christmas and pulled it out on Saturday afternoon to give it a test flight.  At first he was trying to test it out inside the house and I had visions of it getting stuck in my hair (you may remember THIS) so I sent him outside. The drone … Continue reading »

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