It’s Good To Be Among Friends

Posted by on February 22, 2018

Jim & Nancy and Kevin and Nelly arrived at the park mid-afternoon on Monday.  They were supposed to be in the same area as Lou & Bette but it didn’t work out that way and they’re all scattered throughout the park.  Kevin and Nelly ended up just down the road from us.

Nelly stopped by and we had a nice chat until it was time for her to go home and have a video call with their oldest grandson.

The rowdy bunch

After dinner we all converged at Beletti’s to visit and discuss the strategy for Tuesday’s sojourn to Big Lou’s Pizza.   Big Lou’s makes a 42 inch pizza that Jim’s been hankering for and with our large crowd it was finally within his grasp.

Chilaquiles… gosh. Good stuff

Tuesday we had a couple of  appointments (blood work for me & hearing aids for Michael).  After getting my blood taken we headed over to the Blanco Cafe to grab some breakfast before Michael’s 10:30 am appointment.  We both ordered the Chilaquiles (eggs, tortillas, Serrano peppers, tomatoes, onions and cheese…yummo!

Getting the new hearing aids set up…

Michael’s appointment was for the issuance of new hearing aids that are blue tooth capable.  Now that he is on the phone so much these should improve the quality of his phone conversations.  The old hearing aids (which didn’t work worth a darn) gave a lot of feedback and Michael ended up removing them quite often in order to speak on the phone.

The blue tooth technology allows Michael to basically to speak hands free and hear the phone conversation through his hearing aids.  Plus he has a phone app that he can use to adjust the volume and to adjust where to focus his hearing.  So like we’re in the truck he can adjust his aids to concentrate more on his right side (where I’m sitting) or if he’s in a restaurant he can adjust them to focus on the person in front of him (or beside him etc) and kind of drown out all the background noise.

He hasn’t had much of a chance to test drive them yet…but I’m excited to see if they’ll work like they’re supposed to!

After his appointment we took in this week’s movie…Den of Thieves.  It was an action packed, bank heist-type storyline and we both really enjoyed it.  IMDb rates it at 7.1 stars and we both agree it earns every star.  The plot twist at the very end is pretty darn good!  Check it out.

10 for dinner

For dinner, ten of us gathered at Big Lous’s for the BIG pizza!  We had the usual suspects:  Beletti’s, Wolbeck’s, Dicks, us and we were joined by the Ray’s.  For some of us, it was the first time to really meet them while a couple of others had met them in the past.  They’re fulltimers as well and here in San Antonio to get some work done on their coach.

Thatsa BIG pizza!

The pizza…all 42 inches of it…was huge and pretty darn good too.  We each had one piece…which was plenty!  LOL  We were given plates that were about 10×16 inches in size and a piece of pizza filled it up!  It was great fun to order that monster and now we can all say we ‘did it!’

Wednesday morning Michael had a follow-up ophthalmology appointment at 8:30 am which meant we had to hit the morning traffic…in the rain.

We hit the road about 7:30 armed with breakfast (breakfast sandwiches and fresh bananas and strawberries) ready to eat in the truck as we traveled.
Michael’s appointment went pretty quickly and we were soon headed over to see Andrew to pick up our mail (new sheets!).  We chatted with Andrew for quite a while before we headed out for our next stop.

A relaxing indulgence

Time to get the old hooves pampered!  A good time to tune out the rest of the world and relax.  I enjoyed reading my Kindle ( normally reserved for bed time) while my toes/feet relished the attention!  I had the friendliest person do my mani/pedi that I have ever had do them.  Mary was very friendly and we chatted about a lot of different subjects while she did my manicure.  Plus, she provided one of the best mani/pedi’s I’ve had in a long time.  I’ll be looking for her in the fall!

Today’s lunch crew

Thursday we had another ‘Meet Up’ with Heartland friends…just 9 this time (our Nelly was under the weather and stayed home to rest).  We met for a late lunch at Mr. & Mrs. Gs Homecooking Restaurant…also considered ‘soul food’.  You know…fried chicken, pork chops, mac & cheese, black-eyed peas, corn bread, greens, banana pudding, etc.  What I would consider ‘southern home cookin’.

Kevin, Lou, Bette & Mike making their choices

The restaurant is cafeteria-style…you go through a line picking and choosing what dishes you want and some on the other side dishes up your plate for you.  Today’s entrees included fried chicken, baked chicken, pot roast, fried pork chops, smothered pork chops, beef & gravy, bbq ribs and ham hocks.  Sides included sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, cabbage, sweet potatoes, rice, greens and black-eyed peas.

Check out that serving size!

Our group sampled a variety of dishes – bbq ribs, fried pork chops, smothered pork chops, baked & fried chicken, sweet potatoes, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas and a few other dishes.  Most everyone liked their choices although some like them more than others.

They also offer a variety of desserts:  German chocolate cake, cheese cake, pound cake, buttermilk pie, sweet potato pie, cherry pie…just to name a few.  Everyone chose a dessert but several of us brought them home as the food portions were pretty large and there was no room for dessert after finishing our meals!
Michael and I felt the food was ‘good’ but didn’t match up to Sweetie Pie’s in St. Louis where we visited last fall and waited in line for nearly an hour…but it was worth every minute of that wait.  You can read about that visit HERE.

Pinup or Mentor…whichever the case…a good friend!

After we all got back to the RV park, Jim came by to ‘talk shop’.  He gave Michael and I lots of good advice regarding rallies and vending at them.  Jim’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to that kind of thing and we really appreciated him taking the time to chat with us.

We still have about 10 days left here at Ft. Sam…and our friends are all here until then too!

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  1. crpeine

    Was the pizza as good as it looked? That was one BIG pizza!

    • Kelly

      Hi Cherie….yeah I thought it was pretty darn good…although some of the others thought it was just ok.

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