Too Many Appointments!

Posted by on February 11, 2018

This week has been ridiculously full of appointments!

Tuesday 2/6

Strangely enough…this model is almost identical to the nodule on my thyroid.  That’s the nodule on the lower right.

I had an appointment with an Endocrinologist to discuss a nodule that was found on my thyroid during a scan a couple of months ago.  I really liked the doctor as he was very informative, upbeat and just gave off a good vibe.

The nodule is roughly one centimeter in size and isn’t causing me any discomfort and I have no history of cancer in my family really.  I was given a couple of options:  remove it, watch it or biopsy it.

I decided to just watch it for now and will have it rechecked in November when we’re back in the area.  I can always change my mind and go back in to see Dr. Uy but for now we’ll watch it to see if it changes in size.

Dr. Grant giving Michael’s eyes a workout!

That same afternoon, Michael had an appointment at Lackland AFB with a Opthamologist to discuss the ‘laziness’ of his right eye which will most likely need surgery in the not so distant future.  The doctor wants to make sure that the eye is ‘stable’ and not continuing to move before he does the surgery.  Michael will go back to see the doctor in November to see if the eye has changed or not.

Michael had corrective surgery on his eyes way back in 1989 and the eyes both did well for many years.  It’s only been in the last few years that the muscles (that were corrected) seem to have begun weakening again and the eye tenders to wander out…especially if he’s tired.

What a LONG day that was as we didn’t get back home until after 7:00 pm!
Wednesday 2/7
Only one appointment today!  This appointment was with the DAV to discuss the appeal Michael has had with the VA since January 2014 and have not really heard anything.
The gentleman we saw told us that the appeal in the system was only for one issue and the appeal that Michael started was for about 10 issues!  This gentleman was very helpful and will be sending a letter to the ‘coaches’ in Houston to get the remaining issues added to the appeal (considering that the original appeal letter is in the VA system listing everything).  Plus he will be filing a separate claim for one of Michael’s issues that needs to be addressed.
Crossing our fingers that this helps…as it’s been over 4 years waiting on this appeal.
Since we only had one appointment today we decided since we were already out we might as well go see our movie of the week!  This week we chose ‘The Shape of Water’ which had a 7.8 IMDb rating.
Hmmm….the movie was ok.  Not bad…just really different and not really what we were expecting.  It’s kind of a ‘Monster from the Black Lagoon’/love story type thing.   That description makes it sound really dumb, I suppose…and it wasn’t dumb or bad….just different…that’s my best description!  LOL
Thursday 2/8
Another two appointments scheduled for today!  The first was scheduled for 8:00 am and was a Visual Fields test for Michael.  He was called back about 8:15 am and before I knew it he was done – less than 15 minutes later.
His next appointment (same building) wasn’t until noon so we decided to go grab some breakfast.  But before leaving the building we stopped in the Optical Shop to check on some glasses that were ordered for Michael.  He had an optometry appointment on December 5th and apparently the request for glasses was just approved LAST week.  Geesh…nearly two months after his appointment.  Good thing he wasn’t in dire need of those glasses, eh??

Nice place!

The Original Blanco Cafe was nearby and convenient with good reviews so we decided to go there for breakfast.  The restaurant was nicely decorated and taken care of, which was a plus.

Michael’s chilaquiles plate

We both decided to order dishes we’d never had before.  Michael went with the Chilaquiles plate:  A mixture of eggs, tostadas, serrano chiles, onions, tomato, and topped with cheese
Served with beans, potatoes, and two tortillas.  Which was really really tasty and well probably both order it the next time we’re there for breakfast.

My machacado plate

I ordered the Machacado Plate:  A mixture of eggs and shredded beef Served with beans, potatoes, and two tortillas. (No beans!)  The eggs and beef were very good too…but Michael’s dish just had more oomph.

After breakfast we had some time to waste before Michael’s appointment so we wandered around a Dollar Tree store.  Not long after arriving we got a phone call from Michael’s noon appointment telling us that they didn’t have the blue tooth device for his hearing aids and needed to reschedule for next Wednesday.
Before heading back home we stopped by our ‘mail box’ to pick up some mail and were back home before noon…which felt really good!
Next week should be much less hectic as we only have one appointment and that’s the appointment that was rescheduled.  Awesome!
Thankfully, our weekends are much quieter than weekdays which gives us a chance to get some household chores taken care of and also to make some follow-up phone calls/emails for PTB.  I was even able to bake a cake!
The weather has been pretty icky here in San Antonio.  Today we’re looking for a high of 45…with wind.  Yuck.  Looks like the possibility of some 70 degree temps toward the end of the week, which sounds really good!

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