Travel Day: Ft. Stockton, TX To San Antonio, TX

Posted by on February 3, 2018

After spending several weeks in the Mountain time zone our sleep schedules were a bit goofy so we were almost always up between 6:00 and 6:30 so it felt good to sleep until 7:44 am this morning!

Oilfield gate guards – our old life!

The nice thing about this RV park is the cafe and the ability to have dinner there after a long day or grab breakfast before hitting the road.  We headed over to the cafe about 8:15 or so.  The cafe does a good business but we didn’t have to wait long before our meals arrived.  It was good but I’m looking forward to a good home cooked breakfast.

We were able to say a quick goodbye to Herb before we left and he went to his ‘Ham Radio Operators’ meeting.  We pulled out of the park at 9:08 am.  We had just over 300 miles to travel and we were anxious to get ‘home’ and get settled in as we are here until March 5th.

Miss the oilfield guys…not the work!

As we traveled through west Texas we saw more and more oil field activity.  Drilling rigs, gate guards, workover rigs, etc.  Of course, there was much discussion between us as to memories and whether we miss it or not.  The short answer is we miss the people but we don’t miss the round the clock work, not sleeping together, not being able to go anywhere together or the dust.  So, no, we don’t miss gate guarding.  LOL

As we passed by the high bluffs along I-10 we were surprised to see three ‘mountain’ goats climbing along the bluffs.  Wished I’d had my camera ready as it was really a site to see.!

Lunch stop!

We stopped to fill up with diesel in Sonora and decided to also grab some lunch at the local Dairy Queen.  The place was dead and we were the sole customers when we arrived….ahhh nice fresh hot food.  Nope, our order was luke warm and pretty unremarkable.  Thank goodness they weren’t able to goof up the blizzards we took on the road.

We made really good time today which provided Michael with the opportunity to get the truck and coach washed at the Blue Beacon on the southeast side of San Antonio.  Both vehicles were absolutely nasty after spending time in the dust of Quartzsite and acquiring normal road grime.

Rub a dub dub

We arrived at the Blue Beacon at 3:30 pm to find quite a waiting line but we bit the bullet and got in line.  The line actually moved fairly quickly and our wait ended up being about 50 minutes.  We kept ourselves occupied listening to music, scanning Facebook (Michael) and playing games on our phones (me!).

That’s us!

We pulled into the Fort Sam Houston FamCamp at 5:00 pm and found our reservation on the board outside the office as the office was already closed for the weekend.  We made our way to our assigned site and will go over to the office on Monday to pay for our month’s stay.

Ft. Sam Houston – site 2. We’re here for a month.

Ironically enough, we are in site 2…the very same site we left 26 days ago!  The same coach is on our door side that was there when we left.  I wonder if this site was empty the whole time we were gone!  Probably not as turnover is pretty high here….in some cases.

We have several appointments this coming week and hope to get several chores out of the way while we’re here.  Plus, of course, we plan to continue our ‘movie of the week’ dates.  We have some Heartland friends that will be here later in the month, so we’re looking forward to that as well.




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