Travel Day: Deming, NM To Ft. Stockton, TX

Posted by on February 2, 2018

Believe it or not we got a lot of work done while we were in Deming.  Wednesday Michael’s phone rang off the hook and emails seemed to pour in.  I got several invoices sent out and had several payments come through too!

We took off about 3:00 pm on Wednesday and head to the China Restaurant to get an early dinner.  You’ll remember that we both loved this placed and Michael was good enough to take me back again.  So we now have several meals of leftovers in the refrigerator.

After our early dinner we went to the StarMax theater and watched ‘Hostiles’.  Hostiles is a ‘Army/Indian’ movie, which takes place in the mid-1800s.  It had good ratings on IMDB….but in my opinion the ratings could have been higher.  The movie was absolutely excellent in my opinion…keeping me engaged the entire time.  Not a dull moment to be had.

So glad we’re back to our weekly movie date as there are several good ones out there that I can’t wait to see.  Stay tuned to see what we take in next week!  LOL

The gorgeous birthday girl!

Thursday our oldest grandchild, Paityn, turned seven!  Time passes so quickly.  By the end of this year we will have two seven-year olds, two five-year olds and a three-year old!  Our oldest son will be 32 and our youngest will be 30!  Plus, Michael and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage in May.  We’ve been blessed with so much and the blessings seem to continue each and every day.  Not to say we don’t have bad days…but the blessings out weigh the bad ten fold.

Anyway…we had 345 miles to travel today and had a dinner date with our friend Herb to make so we left a little earlier than we might normally have.  After getting our move day chores taken care (easy peasy stuff) we were set to hitch up and pull out of the Roadrunner RV Park in Deming at 7:30 am.  However, that’s when we hit our first snag of the day.

Bah humbug!

The tire on the front passenger side of the truck was flat.  Michael had adjusted all of the tire pressure sensors yesterday and apparently this one let out all of the air in the tire.  Ugh.  After a bunch of ‘messin’ around getting the jack, the air compressor hose, turning on the generator, jacking up the truck, etc etc Michael got the tire aired up and everything tucked back into their homes and we were ready to hit the road a little more than an hour after are planned departure.  (And of course you know the guy next door had to stop by and say, ‘If you’ve got time, let me tell you a story…’  Really? Does it look like we have time?  LOL

Anyway…we got hitched up and are ready to pull out of the park when we realize that one of the back tires on the drivers side is low on air.  Oh boy!  So Michael decides to take it just a couple of businesses down to a gas station and air up the tire there.  We get finagled into a spot near the air station and Michael tries and tries but the tire will not take air.

Next step is to go a few more businesses down to a tire shop who were very helpful and got the low tire filled up and checked ALL of the remaining tires and topped any off that needed it.

Look at that sky!

We finally hit the road about 9:30 am but ended up stopping at a Love’s about 45 minutes later to fill up with diesel ($2.94 a gallon, ouch!) and also to fill up with DEF as it was low as well.

Thought it was a pretty back drop – Kelly’s Kitchen location

We stopped for lunch east of Van Horn but ended up just eating in the truck…too cold outside to enjoy it at a picnic table and too lazy to go in the house.  Only hung out for about 40 minutes as we were trying to make up some of the time we lost with the dumb tires.  It was a working lunch as Michael got four phone calls.

We made it to the Ft. Stockton RV park just before 5:00 pm and our friend, Herb, checked us in and sent us to our site with the promise of meeting us at the cafe for dinner about 5:45 pm.

Site 2 – that’s Herb’s ‘hut’ behind us

We pulled into site 2 and didn’t even unhitch.  We just plugged in the power, put the front jacks down for a little stabilization and that was it.  We did a little work before heading across the way to the cafe.

We had a nice visit with Herb before he had to head home to give his dog some medicine.  Michael and I finished our meals and then headed back home to finish up the days work and then called it a night.

Tomorrow we head back to San Antonio…our ‘home’ of sorts.


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