Travel Day – Claypool, AZ to Deming, NM

Posted by on January 30, 2018

We slept later than we have in weeks…7:30…in a parking lot nonetheless!  And it felt good!  Before pulling out of our overnight parking spot we answered a few emails that came in overnight and relaxed in our recliners for bit.

Judy’s in Claypool, AZ

Before heading out of town we stopped at Judy’s Cook House, which was just past Vonnie’s Pizza, to grab some breakfast.

Michael got his usual: 2 eggs, pancakes, bacon and hash browns.  His eggs were a bit too done but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

That’s a lot of food!

I ordered a bit different from normal:  2 eggs, smoked sausage, pancakes and hash browns…I never order pancakes but something tugged at me this morning.  They were nice and fluffy but huge so I barely ate half of them.  My eggs and hash browns were perfect and the smoked sausage was quite tasty.

We pulled onto the road about 9:40 am and with just 235 miles to travel today there was no big hurry.  I’m pretty sure that we’ll be traveling this route again when traveling to Quartzsite as it’s a very interesting area.  Lots of copper mining goes on here and it’s easy to view all of the mined areas in the area.  The hills and mountains surrounding the area are pocked with operating mines as well as abandoned ones.

Such cool terrain along this route!

We stopped in Thatcher to top off with fuel…enough to get us to Deming as it was $2.89 a gallon.  We’ll fill both tanks when we find a better price.  Plus we’ll need to add DEF at that point too.

The remainder of the trip was uneventful although we fielded a lot of PTB phone calls.   Michael takes the call while we drive and I take notes and then follow-up with an email to the customer afterward….that is if we have internet reception…and today we did nearly the entire trip.

We arrived at the Roadrunner RV park in Deming about 1:45 pm and got checked in lickedy split and made our way to site 67 where well be for the next three nights.

Back again…Roadrunner RV Park – Deming, NM – site 67

Michael had a bit of hassle getting the satellite dish tuned in but eventually got it squared away.  He thinks that meter he’s been using for nearly 7 years might be the issue…guess we’ll have to think about replacing it.

By 2:30 pm I had the laundry sorted and a load going.  We did a couple of small loads while we were at Quartzsite but since we were on limited usage we let the biggest majority of it go til now.  Still only have about 3 loads to do…not a big deal.

After dinner, Michael hung out in the living room to watch the State of the Union address while I buried myself in the bedroom with a good book and the door closed.


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