Travel Day: Quartzsite, AZ To Claypool, AZ

Posted by on January 29, 2018

Our last two days at the Quartzsite RV Show were excruciatingly slow…however, the slowdown was welcomed in more ways than one.  We were able to get completely caught up on returning phone calls and emails for PTB and we were also able to get some pre-travel day chores done and get a good start on packing up.

Shows over…time to pack up and hit the road!

The show ended at 5:00 pm on Sunday and there were vendors chomping at the bit to pull out at 4:00 pm.  However, because there were customers still walking around on the midway they were not allowed to drive on the midway until the show closed.  As soon as the announcement was made that they could pull out…there were quite a few that fled as quickly as they could!

We spent our last night on the midway eating pizza and watching TV and it felt good!  I was up about 7:00 am and Michael followed about 45 minutes later.

The plan was to pull out about 10:00 am Monday morning.  No hurry as we were just heading to a Walmart in Claypool, Arizona for the night.  Most of our travel day chores were done.

Michael just had a few items to stow and the satellite dish to take down and I had a few inside chores to complete.

Hard heads crack hitch covers apparently!

As we were hitching up I noticed a crack in the hitch cover that wasn’t there before.  A couple of days ago when the ‘dump’ crew came to dump our tanks one of them bonked his head pretty good on the hitch…I’m guessing that he also cracked the cover.  Poor guy.  He really did a number on his head and knocked himself silly too.

We ended up pulling out of the show grounds at 9:56 am and had no issues whatsoever.  We thought we might have to deal with other vendors trying to get out but…nope…nothing.  We just cruised right out and hit the road.

A lone 5er in a sea of Class As

We made a stop at a rest area about 11:30 am and found it funny that we were the only fifth wheel in a sea of class A’s…with one other fifth wheel waaaayyyy down on the end.

Smooth sailing…

We hit Phoenix right about noon but traffic moved pretty smoothly so there was no slow down at all.  We breezed right through and ended up deciding it was about time for lunch so we pulled off when we saw a sign for Walmart in Apache Junction.  It was another parking lot that was very segmented with curbs everywhere but we were very careful and got parked in an area where there were few cars.

We enjoyed some yummy salads from our recliners…no need to turn the generator on today as the temp was hovering near 80 so the house was pretty temperate.  We relaxed for a while before we headed into the store to do some shopping rather than waiting until Wednesday when were back in Deming, New Mexico.  Now we can just relax.

After an almost 2 1/2 hour stop we were back on the road easily enough.  Michael scouted out an easier way to get out of the parking lot which was much easier than having to avoid the various curbs and cars.

We only had 53 miles left to travel for the day and our destination just happened to be another Walmart…but this one was in Claypool, AZ.

Approaching Superior, Arizona – how pretty!

The drive between Superior, Arizona and Globe, Arizona is through the Superstition Mountains and is absolutely phenomenal!  Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the beauty that I didn’t take any pictures…not that weren’t any opportunities!

We arrived at the Walmart in Claypool about 4:45 pm, checked to make sure it was ok to spend the night and then got the coach settled in.  We didn’t stick around long as we planned to walk three tenths of a mile down the road to Vonnie’s Pizza as they had good reviews.

Vonnie’s Pizza – good stuff!

Vonnie’s is read by a husband and wife team who were both very friendly and we enjoyed chatting with them while we were there.  The reviews were spot on and the pizza was very good…Michael insisted on get a 16 inch pizza and we each only ate one piece of pizza so we have LOTS leftover!  We also ordered bread sticks which are stuffed with cheese…oh my gosh…good stuff!

Thank goodness I always keep my last pair…just in case.

On our way back home we walked through a dark parking lot that had an ‘invisible’ speed bump in it and since it was dark out and the dang thing was ‘invisible’ I didn’t see it and ended up flat on my face!  Scuffed up my toe, knee, hands, a finger and knocked my glasses off my face and popped one of the lens’ out!  And if that wasn’t enough…the cup of soda I was carrying landed underneath me so my pants were drenched and my soda was a goner.  🙁  Good thing I can laugh at myself!  Geesh.

When we got back home we each had work to do – just a few emails to reply to, some data entry and some filing.  About an hour and a half or so and we were done.

Tomorrow we head to Deming for a few days of respite.


4 Responses to Travel Day: Quartzsite, AZ To Claypool, AZ

  1. Susan Magill

    You drove past our place at The Arizonian on HWY 60.

  2. John Krussow

    I’m glad you are ok from your fall/trip, could have been worse. I like the small change to the blog but you need to change the font color to white or go with a lighter/brighter background photo. Very hard to read as it is now, needed to highlight entire post and cut/paste to MSWord to read.

  3. John Krussow

    Look’s like a loading issue on my end Kelly, so don’t change a thing on your end at this time.

    Keep up the great work and safe travels home. Wave as you pass Midland.

    • Kelly

      Glad you got it to work! We’ll be passing by Midland/Odessa tomorrow (2/2) and will be sure to give a big old wave!

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