Quartzsite RV Show – A First For Us!

Posted by on January 22, 2018

So that I don’t get too far behind in posting, I thought that I’d do a quick post to help you keep up to date with our first RV Show

Friday 1/19 – Our day was filled with more prep work.  Opening kits that we had shipped here straight from Dexter and making sure that all the necessary parts were there and that the studs could take lug nut without any trouble.

Arvin & Vicki

Dennis, the installer here with us, dropped by to pick up a kit for the install that he was doing on Saturday.  Arvin & Vicky, fellow Heartlanders, who we met while we were in San Antonio stopped by to visit.

Saturday 1/20 – The first day of the show.  It was cold and windy, with light rain in the afternoon.  For my northern friends and family our 60 degrees may not have been considered cold…but we’re in Arizona!  It was COLD!  With the sky in the distance looking like it was bringing a BIG storm we rearranged the merchandise onto pallets and covered with tarps – once we did that…the sky cleared up pretty much!  Wouldn’t ya know it?!?!

Set up and ready to sell!

We didn’t make any sales, but several people stopped by to ask questions or comment that they already had disc brakes and loved them.  There was quite a bit of interest in returning on Wednesday to see our disc brakes get installed.

We took turns taking a walk around the show grounds checking things out.  Not a whole lot that we need or want but we both found a few things we’ll pick up before we leave:  new outdoor chairs, wooden domino holders, BBQ sauce and rub, etc.


Discussing the benefits of disc brakes

Sunday 1/21 – The day started off slow as I think some people may have been attending church.  But once church hours were over we got a LOT of customers stopping by, asking questions, relating stories, etc.   Today’s customers seemed more interested and we had our first sale of the show.

It was still chilly today but the wind wasn’t nearly as bad and we dressed warmer than we did yesterday.  Faces are wind blow/sunburned.  Skin is very dried out….might have to take stock in a lotion company!

Lots of interest in the install being done on our coach on Wednesday so we should have quite a few coming back to see that.

Our first customer ever, Kevin, stopped by.  He had his disc brakes installed back in the very beginning of November at the fairgrounds in Norman, Oklahoma while we were there for the sale of the company.

Pump out service!

All of our install days (during the RV show) have been used up so we now have to either refer them to another installer elsewhere or have them DIY.

Part of the fee we paid to have a site here on the midway included power, water and a pump out service.  Today was our first day to be pumped out (they’ll come again on Wednesday and Saturday).  They do the pumping after hours, of course…and they were here about 5:05 pm!  (the show closes at 5:00 pm!)  That’s what you call service!

Two days down…seven more to go!!





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