Moving Day – Deming, NM To Buckeye, AZ

Posted by on January 17, 2018

We woke up to COLD temps…just 23 degrees this morning in Deming, New Mexico!  Normally we only use our heat pumps to warm the inside of the coach up…but when it gets below 35ish outside the heat pumps no longer work and the furnace takes over.  The furnace has been taking over most nights lately.

The overnight forecast in Quartzsite shows the temps not getting any lower than the 40s…let’s hope that true! Brrrr

We had a quick breakfast sandwich for breakfast and then began our moving day chores.  Michael had unhooked the water last night so he didn’t have to deal with a frozen hose so all he had to deal with was sewer and satellite dish.

I got my inside chores taken care of as there wasn’t much to do.  In addition to those few chores I cleaned up our breakfast dishes and made the bed.

We have a Sleep Number bed and something that is recommended to do with that if you’ll be traveling through changing elevations is to let some of the air out as the changing altitudes can add air and actually ‘blow up’ the bed.

We don’t always remember…like we didn’t on our way here to Deming, and our bed had expanded some and needed to be adjusted before we went to sleep.  Not wanting to take any chances, I was sure to reduce both sides of the bed down to 30.

We pulled out of the Deming Roadrunner RV Park just a couple of minutes before 9:00 am…not bad considering we were shooting for 9:00 am!

We’ll take this route more often!

Rather than take I-10 all the way today we took a little detour.  We hit  US 70 off of I-10 and then hit US 60 into Phoenix where we once again hit I-10.

This route was a little shorter than taking the interstate but probably took a little longer.  But it was a route we had never taken before and we enjoyed it.  We passed through a couple of small towns and enjoyed the scenery…mountains, desert, shacks, etc.

Potty stop! Picture doesn’t do the scenery justice.

We stopped for a potty break along the way and I took a couple of pictures of the truck and coach with mountains in the background.

US 70 is a nicely maintained road with lots of large pullouts along the way which are great for getting some great views of the scenery or enjoying a picnic lunch…and we did both!

Awesome view from our Kelly’s Kitchen pullout

We stopped for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen, of course, and were treated to a beautiful view from the front door.  It was a bit too chilly to enjoy our lunch outdoors so, once again, we cranked up the genny, turned on the fireplace and sat back in our recliners and enjoyed our lunch while surfing the internet.  Rough life.

We lounged for about an hour and then were back on the highway headed west by 1:20 pm.
The second half of the drive was more eventful than the first.  We stopped and filled up with diesel for $2.59…cheaper than we’ve seen it for a while.

Cool roadside scenery!

We drove by/through the Superstition Mountains…what a gorgeous drive.  We even ended up driving through a big long tunnel.

Bah Humbug!

We hit the Phoenix area about 3:30 pm, about the beginning of rush hour…although we weren’t rushin’.  Traffic was pretty heavy and we slowed down quite a bit.  It took us over an hour and fifteen minutes to go our last 35 miles.  Yuck.  Didn’t plan that very good, did we??

I called the Cracker Barrel in Buckeye, Arizona (just west of Phoenix) last night to make sure it was ok for us to spend the night in their parking lot and was told it was ok and that there was also a Walmart next door and we could stay there too.

We ended up at Walmart, after all, as the area is very congested and busy and Walmart had a bigger, more open parking lot.  We’ll stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the way out in the morning.

Before settling in for the night we stopped at Wendy’s (just across from Walmart) for a burger and fries.  We got there about 5:15 pm, ate and then moved over to the Walmart parking.  Maneuvering around their many curbs and sidewalks wasn’t easy.  We joined about 4 other overnighters.  After getting parked we walked to the store to pick up lunch meat and milk before heading back out to the coach and settling in for the night.

We had some work to do when we got ‘home’ and were able to accomplish that pretty quickly.  Then we just relaxed for a while and ended up calling it a night fairly early as we want to be up and going pretty early so that we can arrive at the Show grounds by noon.



2 Responses to Moving Day – Deming, NM To Buckeye, AZ

  1. Susan Magill

    You were not far from us since we have left OK for sunny AZ. We are sitting east of Phoenix on 60 past Gold Canyon. When you are in Quartzite, make sure you go to the famous book store with the naked bookseller. It is a used bookstore with lots of inventory. We have gone to Quartszite a couple of time.

    • Kelly

      Hi Susan! It’s been a long time! Unfortunately, we won’t have any time to ‘play’ while in QZ…but we were visited the naked bookstore back in 2016…a must visit!

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