A Little Touristing Failure

Posted by on January 16, 2018

All alone…but not for long!

This park is used for overnighting travelers a lot, I think.  Friday night the row we are in was full…Saturday morning it cleared out completely and we were the only ones left.  By Saturday evening it was mostly full again.  Once again Sunday morning many of those around us pulled out and that afternoon it started filling up again.  Pretty sure that’s routine as it continued for the entire 5 days we were here.

Michael spoke with our Saturday night neighbor on the door side for quite a while and even ended up having him email us a picture of his axle tag so that we could find out the particulars about his axle as he might be interested in purchasing a disc brake kit.  Woohoo!

Pretty scenery…but we didn’t find what we were looking for…

Sunday we decided to do a little ‘touristing’ and headed out to find the remains of Fort Cummings an old Army outpost from the 1800s.  We had conflicting directions but hoped we could find it…out in the big middle of the New Mexico desert.

We followed the first part of the directions with no problem…but that’s where we ran into problems as the directions after that point weren’t very clear.  We drove down every little dirt road we came across…some that were more trail-like than road-like and came to several dead ends and ended up turning around.  After an hour or so of searching we decided to give up.  We had little to no internet service so the internet wasn’t of much help.

…we did find these curious guys though

Michael did some more research when we got back into town where we had better internet and thinks he can get us there now.  We’re planning to stop here on the way back east (made our reservations at the office today) and will go in search again.  Find and conquer…we will!  (a little Yoda/Star Wars-y thing going on there…LOL!)

China Restaurant, Deming New Mexico

After our unfruitful search we stopped at China Restaurant.  It has glowing reviews on Yelp and did not disappoint at all!  We really enjoy a ‘sit-down’ Chinese restaurant to a buffet but they are becoming harder and harder to find…especially really good ones.

Just part of our bounty…good eating for several days.

We ordered several dishes as we like to share and then have plenty for leftover meals.  Portions here are HUGE so we will have leftovers to enjoy for quite some time!  yahoo!)  We ordered hot & sour soup (me – some of the best I’ve had), egg flower soup (Michael), egg rolls (nice and crispy but could have had a bit more meat inside), cheese wontons (prefer crab rangoon, but these were good), pork fried rice (out of this world yummy), strawberry chicken (much like sweet & sour chicken – super crisp & flavorful) and vegetable chicken (who would have thought that chicken, broccoli, carrots, celery & cabbage could taste SO good!?).

There is no doubt that we will be back anytime we are back in Deming.  Just wish we could find more places like this across the US.

Before my chair leg was broken off…

While Michael was doing some work at the dining table the sun was shining in the window so he reached up to pull the shade down and one of the screws gave way…creating a small project for Michael.  In order to reattach the screw he had to remove the cornice from around the window.  Which he did and then stood on one of the dining chairs rather than on the step stool that we have for such purposes to finish his small repair job.  However, the chair was much handier…but is now minus a leg…and requires another repair job.  The trickle down effect of one loose screw…geesh!

We head out tomorrow for one more overnight before we hit Quartzsite on Thursday for our first RV Show.  Not sure how much time I’ll have to blog while we’re there but I will try to put together at least one post midway through our 11 night stay and let you know how things are going.   Your prayers and good ju-ju would be much appreciated!  🙂

8 Responses to A Little Touristing Failure

  1. crpeine

    That Chinese meal looks great. I need to ask around and find out if there is a good one here in Mission. Enjoy Quartzsite, and prayers that you have great success at the RV show!!

    • Kelly

      Hi Cheri! That Chinese meal was wonderful and we still have one more meal of it to enjoy! Are you with the other Heartlanders in the Valley?

      • crpeine

        Sort of……there is a fence between us. We are at Val’s, next door. We booked here because of David and Donna Williams…..then they bought a house and decided to stay there for the winter. I heard you had planned to be here too, but now you have”other” things to do, too. Lol. Mike and Jay are literally behind us. Having a great time.

        • Kelly

          Yes! We were supposed to be at Val’s from 1/1 – 3/1…but…other things arose! LOL So you’re just a stones throw away…give them all hugs for us! Enjoy!

  2. Andy

    BAM! Good ju-ju sent! You two take care.

    • Kelly

      Andy! The good ju-ju is MUCH appreciated! Hope you are doing well. We’re not missing gateguarding…are you!?!? 🙂

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