Travel Day: Junction, TX to Fort Stockton, TX

Posted by on January 10, 2018

We couldn’t get out of Junction fast enough!  As much as we liked the park and the solitude…we did NOT like not having good internet.  We use Google a lot (Drive, Hangouts, Voice, etc) and we couldn’t get into most of it as well as a lot of websites.

Michael was able to figure out the problem with electric power door lock.  Apparently, the key just got to worn down after 6.75 years of use.  He tried our spare key and it worked fine.  Thank goodness something has an easy fix!

Our internet didn’t work at all but we were able to use the parks internet, but it was pretty limited.  In our past life that may not have been a big deal…but with Performance Trailer Braking we really need full access to phone and internet.

We’re in the park! Give us a call!

We only had about 185 miles to travel today but decided to hit the road earlier than we might normally have done since we wanted to get back to having decent internet and phone again.  We ended up pulling out of Pecan Valley RV Park at 9:10 am, about 10 minutes after we had hoped.

Before we pulled out, Michael even took the time to visit a few of the trailers and posted some sticky notes with our PTB information on them on several trailers.

Lovin’ the terrain!

We followed Ranch Road 1674 about 3.5 miles until we were back on I-10 and continuing westward.  The trip was uneventful (other than a quick roadside potty stop) but we really enjoyed the changing terrain.  I’m pretty sure that every time we pass through this area we discuss how much we enjoy the terrain with its many different features – mesas, plateaus, bluffs, ridges, valleys, hills, spurs, draws, buttes.

Ft. Stockton RV Park – site 4

We pulled into the Fort Stockton RV Park about 12:10 pm.  The wind picked up just before we arrived and I had a heck of a time trying to see what I was doing with my hair whipping about my face as we unhitched and got set up!  We’re set up in site 4 for 2 nights…right across from our friend, Herb, and the office/cafe.

Thankfully, our internet service is MUCH better here because as soon as we got settled in business got BUSY!  Michael handled a ton of phone calls while I did data entry, fielded emails and invoiced a couple of customers.

Kelly, Michael and Herb – former gate guards and proud of it!

We took a break about 5:45 pm and walked across the road to the RV parks little cafe.  We met, Herb, the park manager for dinner.  Herb is a fellow ‘past’ gate guard who we met via Facebook a couple of years ago.  Herb has been managing this park for several years now and this is the second time we’ve been able to stop here at the park and visit with him.

After dinner, we had a little bit more work to finish up and then spent the rest of the night chillin’ in front of the TV.

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