Travel Day – San Antonio, TX To Junction, TX

Posted by on January 8, 2018

We did the majority of our travel day chores yesterday as we knew that Michael had several phone calls to make in order to order some axles and other items from a couple of our suppliers before we hit the road and he wanted to allow plenty of time to get that done.

Temporarily secured with tape! LOL

We had a little trouble with our electric power door while preparing to depart…it wouldn’t lock for some reason.  We both tried with no success, so Michael broke out the Gorilla tape and put a small amount on the door to hold it shut until he has a change to figure out what the problem is.

We only had about 120 miles to travel to our destination so a later departure wasn’t a big deal.  We got our work done quicker than expected and were ready to pull out earlier than we thought.  We ended up pulling out of the RV park about 10:20ish and went out the Ft. Sam gate at 10:27 am.   We hit I-410 and took it west until we took the exit for I-10 (which we will now be on until we arrive at our final destination of Quartzsite, Arizona on the 18th).

The best kind of travel day! Sunny and light traffic!

Traffic was light, the road was smooth, and the sky was bright and sunny…can’t ask for a better travel day.  We made one stop about mid-way through the trip…at a rest area so that someone could go to the bathroom…because he didn’t go before we hit the road.  However…I won’t name any names.

We pulled in right next to a Sundance.

We were on I-10 until exit 456 where we exited to head to our RV park.  We noticed that there was a Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ just off the exit and decided to stop for lunch.  We’d been to a Cooper’s a little over five years ago with our son, Zack, and wanted to try it again.  Our memories weren’t very good, but a lot of people really rave about Cooper’s so we wanted to give it a second go ’round.

The ‘sauce’ on the right is their ‘signature’ sauce…more like broth consistency.

Unfortunately, we were pretty disappointed.  We both ordered brisket & ribs, neither of which was very tender.  The brisket had little to no smoke ring (or smoke flavor)…and they don’t really have a bbq sauce…it’s more of a broth and it’s very vinegary.   Michael asked for lean brisket and received some of the driest brisket I’ve ever seen.

I checked the reviews after we arrived at the park and found a 2.5 Star Yelp rating…I’m not surprised.   The other Cooper’s (Llano, for instance) get good reviews…not this one.  Unfortunately, this store has ruined it for us and we won’t be going back to Cooper’s.

Yummy pecan trees…would love to see them in season!

We arrived at the RV park about 1:40 pm and after following the park road and winding around a pecan grove (would love to see them in bloom and full of nuts!) we pulled into the first pull-through site which is super-duper long…at least 100 feet.

Convenient ‘pads’ provided for travelers.

The site is nice and level and they even provide a stack of leveling blocks for customer use.  We decided to use those rather than pull out our pads.

We didn’t unpack much (only here two nights) but got the water, sewer, electric and satellite dish hooked up and were ready to roll in less than 30 minutes of arrival.  We are nestled into site 7 for the next two nights.

We were originally supposed to arrive at Pecan Valley RV Park on Wednesday, January 3rd but had to put off our arrival since we were waiting for our new refrigerator.  It actually worked out well as the park called us to let us know that their water was frozen and we wouldn’t have water at our site until it thawed.

Home for 2 nights – site 7 – Pecan Valley RV Park.

This park turns out to be a little hidden gem…hidden behind a pecan grove.  Looks like it’s either fairly new or they’ve been doing some work on it.  Can’t be much more than a dozen sites.

​Our internet is almost non-existent here and we are having to use the park’s internet…which is unusual because we don’t normally have any luck with RV park internet.
We had some work to do once we got settled as we’d gotten a call from a customer, before we ever hit I-10, who was ready for me to send an invoice.  I got that taken care of in no time and we’d done a ton of follow-up work on Sunday so we had the rest of the afternoon to relax…although Michael got several phone calls…but that’s kinda becoming second nature.


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