Making the Most Out of the Last Few Days of 2017

Posted by on December 31, 2017
​First thing Friday morning Kenny and his son, Brandon from Go RV were at the house to check the refrigerator.  There diagnostics didn’t take much more than 15 minutes and they were able to determine that the cooling unit had gone out on the fridge.
The same thing happened back in October/November of 2014 except that it was just the refrigerator that was affected….the freezer still worked perfectly.  This time it pretty much the entire thing.  Except that the very bottom of the freezer is still cold (there’s ice on the ‘floor’ of the freezer) and the ‘roof’ of the freezer is 68 degrees.  Strangest thing.  **as of Sunday 12/31 the freezer is no longer cold either
George, the owner, is really good about working with our extended warranty company so now we have to wait and see what they’re going to do.  We already know that they want an ‘inspector’ to come and diagnosis it…what good that does, I don’t know as they did the same thing last time.  The inspector then, recommended a new refrigerator but they refused and would only pay to have a new cooling unit installed.  So we’ll see.  Hoping (fingers crossed and prayers being said) that they can get it taken care of before we have to leave to head to Arizona.
Michael had a couple of VA appointments too…so as soon as they were done we headed out to the first appointment which was just a CPAP check.  Michael’s levels were good and he now has an appointment for a year from now to get things checked again.  They also issued him new paraphernalia:  hose, mask, filters etc.
We had several hours to waste before his next appointment so we ran over to our mail service to pick up our growing mail pile.  It was like Christmas all over again!  We got new pillows, lug nuts, our Texas drivers license, Michael’s new eye glasses, my blogging pay check, medications, etc etc etc!  I’m sure Andrew was glad to get rid of all of our stuff and make more room!

Gourmet pizza

Michael was hungry for pizza so I found, Dough Pizzeria Napoleltana, not too far away.  They serve a little more ‘gourmet’ type pizza than what we prefer but it was very good.  Our pizza had prosciutto, house made spicy sausage, red & yellow peppers and an ‘onion & bacon jam’.  We also tried a burrata, which is kind of a ‘cheese baked inside of a cheese’ appetizer which is accompanied by pizza crust-like bread to spread the cheese on….very good.

Before heading to Michael’s second appointment of the day we made a stop at HEB to pick up some groceries…although not nearly as many as we would have like since the fridge is being stubborn.  I’ve pretty much had to ‘rewrite’ my menu to accommodate a non-properly working fridge.  We’re just shopping for refrigerated items every few days…which is a pain…but works.

Michael’s second appointment was a hearing/hearing aid check.  The pair of hearing aids that Michael has were issued to him in April of 2015 and never really worked right so he stopped wearing them all together.  He’d gone in and had them readjusted several times but by the time he got out of the building they were providing a bunch of feedback and just not working right.
The good news is that his hearing has stayed the same, so it sounds like it has finally stabilized as it has fluctuated a lot over the past 12 years.  What I thought was hearing loss is the normal aging process…things just don’t process as quickly.
The audiologist adjusted his hearing aids again and this time they seem to be working right…finally.  Now just to get used to them after not wearing them for 2 years!

Michael fell in love with the outside storage in the new Phoenix

Saturday we took a drive to Navasota, Texas to visit with our friends at T&S RVs.  We’ve had quite a few friends who have purchased RVs with them in the last few months and when the time comes (the next year or so) that’s where we’ll go to get ours as well.  Tex and Tim are down to earth, great guys who aren’t out to rip anyone off…refreshing to say the least.

Michael explaining the disc brake installation process

This visit was mostly business (of course we took a peek at some of the stock!) as we discussed them sponsoring our next Heartland Chapter rally plus they agreed to do some disc brake installs for customers that are in their area.  It was a great meeting!

The truck getting a little ‘pick me up’

While we met with Tex and Tim our truck was getting air bags installed by one of the techs at T&S.  Michael had the air bags and had planned on installing them himself.  Time got away from him and it didn’t happen this summer and now with the PTB business…well…he no longer has the time.  It took the tech 3 or 4 hours to get them installed…but it’s done!  Whew!

We stopped at the Oakridge Smokehouse in Schulenburg on the way home for dinner.  We both went with the buffet which included soup, salad, drink and dessert.  Entrees were ribs, chicken, sausage, and an SOS-like dish.  The food was good and tasty.
We ended up getting back home shortly after 8:00 pm and were tired…we’d left the house 14 hours before!

Photo courtesy of Emily’s awesome selfie prowess

This morning we met Heartland friends, Emily and Tim for breakfast.  Emily’s parents and their youngest son were able to join us, as well.  We met at the Pig Stand and while the food was decent…nothing exceptional…the fellowship was really enjoyable.  We’ve never really gotten much one on one time with Tim and Emily and really enjoyed getting to know them more.

The addition of their son, Dane and Emily’s parents, Mona & Don joining us was even better.  We chatted about an array of subjects:  Performance Trailer Braking, their seasonal work at Amazon this past season (they will NOT do it again…LOL), Dane’s schooling, etc.  We look forward to more visits in the future.

We’ll most likely be in bed WELL before midnight tonight.  Ringing in the New Year is not usually high on our priority list.  Perhaps we’ll watch a movie and eat some popcorn…who knows.
We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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