Friggin’ Fridge

Posted by on December 28, 2017

Wednesday 12/27

Today was a travel day…but not the conventional time for us…we flew back to San Antonio after spending two weeks in southern Wisconsin.

We spent the morning wrapping up some Performance Trailer Braking (PTB) and then Michael ran into Mount Horeb to mail our belongings ‘home’.  Michael decided that he wanted to leave our suitcases here since we need the room in the basement for miscellaneous PTB stuff.

While he was in town he also picked up a couple of sandwiches from Subway so that we’d have them for the flight.  Something we’ve done for several years now to avoid the high cost of food at the airports.

We got to the airport with about an hour and a half to spare, which was fine.  We just vegged for a while…had plenty of time to go to the bathroom, etc.

Madison, WI lights…

The flight from Madison to Dallas was about 2.5 hours long and uneventful.  I don’t normally have the window seat but I did this time it was nice to watch as all the twinkling lights went by.

Once at DFW, we had another 2.5 hours before our flight left so we stopped at Friday’s and got some dinner.  We split a cheeseburger and each got a cup of their french onion soup.  The soup was SO good I could have had an entire pot of it!

…Dallas, TX lights

The flight from DFW to San Antonio was uneventful as well and since we were only in the air about 45 minutes it went really quickly.

Since we didn’t have any baggage to pick up we made our way to the shuttle to the car rental place.  I was really shocked at how full the bus was…it was packed.  Thankfully, we were the third in line at the desk when we got to the rental place.  It took the guy a while to do all of the paperwork but we were finally sent out to the lot to pick up our car.

By the time we got home it was 12:40 am and we were tired!  By 1:00 am we were in bed but I did read until almost 1:30 am.

I guess it could have been a lot worse as I had tried to use up a good portion of what was in the freezer before we left.

We were up about 8:30 and noticed that our refrigerator was reading 43 degrees.  When Michael checked the freezer he found that the ice that should have been ice was water and all of the food was thawed out.  Ugh!  It was hard to part with everything…but in the dumpster it went.

Michael contacted George at GoRV and explained the problem and George is having Kenny come out tomorrow morning to take a look at it.  In the meantime…we have to figure out what we’re going to do if it turns out that Kenny can’t fix it tomorrow.

Worst case scenario, George orders a new fridge or whatever and does the actual fix when we get back here to Ft. Sam on February 3rd.  But we’ll have to have something to keep our food cold until then.  I guess we just wait until tomorrow when we hopefully will know more.

Chicken Fried Steak and eggs…good stuff.

We took the rental car back about 12:00 today and stopped for breakfast at Jim’s on the way since we had nothing in the house.  I had planned to go to the commissary afterward but since the fridge is on the fritz, that got thrown out the door.

We’ll spend the rest of the day working on PTB stuff and enjoying a bit of quiet time.  Tomorrow we’re off and running as Michael has two doctor appointments and now we have Kenny coming by to look at the fridge.


2 Responses to Friggin’ Fridge

  1. Don Smith

    And to think, we were fixing to drop by for some brats..but on a serious note, we are very sorry with the problem with your fridge. We can start a donation in NM if we need to. Don aka Mr. Sassy!!

    • Kelly

      No brats…they’re all gone…in the garbage…boo hoo. Thank you for thinking of us though!

      And you wonder why I call you ‘Mr. Sassy’??

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