Grandbaby #2 Turns Six and Lots of Other Stuff!

Posted by on December 27, 2017

We turned the dining room into our make shift office!

Monday and Tuesday were both busy Performance Trailer Braking days for both Michael and I.  We spent a good portion of each day following up on phone calls and contact form submissions.  Plus, we’ve been getting ready for the Quartzsite RV show, which is in Arizona next month.

Tuesday morning Michael went over to Zack and Kelsea’s to on running a heat vent.  I figured he’d be gone a lot longer than he was but he surprised me and was home much sooner than I expected.

That evening, Dan and Amanda went to see the newest Star Wars movie and enjoyed it…we’re looking forward to seeing it too…just have to figure out when.

Zoe – the sweetest 2 year old ever!

While the ‘rents were out, Nana and Papaw spent time with Alex, Ben and Zoe.  We played a couple of games of Candy Land, both of which Alex won!  We also watched a little TV and then hustled everyone off to bed.  Alex read his ‘nightly’ book to me while Papaw read a book to Ben…then we switched places and got our good night hugs and kisses.

We ended up working really late that night…by the time it was all said and done it was nearly midnight before we shut our laptops down for the night.  Dan, too, was up and working…don’t know how he does it…business owner, plus he has a pretty demanding job of his own and finds time to spend with his family too.

Anyway…by the time I did my ‘winding down’ it was after 1:00 am when I turned the light off and then couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 1:30 am.  Whew…I’m too old for that!

Alex, our Minecraft lover

Wednesday our oldest grandson, Alex, turned 6!  He had a birthday party at Pump it Up (kinda like a great big bouncy house type thing), which we all attended.

After the festivities Michael and I went home with Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron as it was time to go and stay with them for the last half of our visit to Wisconsin.  Zack went over to Dan’s as they play on a basketball league on Wednesday nights and rather than going all the way home he hung out there until there game time.

Having some fun while shopping at Kohls

On Thursday, Kelsea, Amanda and I had a girls day filled with shopping and lunch.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then hit up several stores to finish up some last minute shopping.  I don’t get much one on one time with my ‘girl’s too often so I really enjoyed the time with them.

While we were out Zack and Michael headed to New Glarus to check out the self-guided tour at New Glarus Brewing.  Sounds like they enjoyed themselves:  had some lunch and several free samples of beer…enough that they were both a wee bit tipsy, I think.

That night Dan and his family came over to Zack’s home for dinner.  Zack served us all brisket, that he’d had in the smoker all day.  After dinner the kids watched a movie while the adults played a couple of games before Dan and his family needed to head home to get the kids in bed.

Friday was a day of work (Performance Trailer Braking) and Christmas shopping for Michael.  He went into Madison and get everything he needed done.

Peggy and Randy

We had Amish Haystacks for dinner.  Kelsea invited her dad, Randy, and her step mom, Peggy, over to join us since they’d never had the privileged of enjoying this Amish delicacy.  We’ve never gotten much of a chance to spend much time getting to know Randy and Peggy and enjoyed the time we spent with them.

Good Mexican food in Wisconsin

Saturday started the Christmas celebrations.  Dan and family spent the day with Amanda’s family and Zack and family spent the day with Kelsea’s family.  While they were both busy Michael and I had a couple of hours to ourselves so we headed into Mount Horeb and got some lunch at Aztlan Mexican Grill.

Michael’s meal consisted of five different enchiladas, which he really enjoyed and I ordered a Burrito Blanco that was humongous!  It was filled with steak tips, rice, lettuce, tomato and sour cream and topped with a yummy queso blanco.  Nice to know that we have a place near both boys that serves decent Mexican food!

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon back at the house finishing up wrapping gifts, fielding phone calls and emails and relaxing.

Paityn and Cameron waiting for Papa to open his gift

Christmas Eve morning we watched Zack and family open their gifts from each other and then we all got Christmas pajamas that Scout (Paityn & Cameron’s elf) left from Santa.

Ben wasn’t feeling very well but seeing the kids new Tesla perked him right up!

Later that afternoon Michael and I headed over to Dan and Amanda’s to spend time with them and watch them open gifts from each other.  Zack and Kelsea went over to Randy and Peggy’s to spend time with family.

Christmas morning was spent watching Paityn and Cameron open and play with gifts that Santa left for them.  We ended up heading over to Dan and Amanda’s later in the morning.

Thankfully, we’d done most of the food prep on Saturday and Michael and I had taken all of the gifts for Barnett family Christmas over to Dan’s the day before so we didn’t have to worry about too much Christmas morning.

Busy prepping the food.

When we arrived we all worked to finish preparing food – making fruit salad, finishing up the Oreo Cheesecake and getting the rib roast in the oven.


While the adults worked…the babies went out into the cold (10 degrees or so!) to play in the little bit of snow that we got on Christmas Eve.  The kids lasted 18 minutes before the last of them called it good and came inside to warm up.

All five grandbabies, plus Amanda opening Christmas gifts

We spent some time exchanging gifts between us all (all while wearing our Christmas PJs that we’d worn to bed the night before!).  The kids were kept busy with all of their new toys and movies that they received as gifts.

Zack’s prime rib roast turned out very good and we sat down for ‘lupper’ about 4:00 pm.  We’d snacked on veggies, cheese, sausages, salsa and various dips throughout the day…there was definitely no lack of food.

Michael resting up to play games

We finished off the day playing games – Fuse, Golf, 7 Wonders and Telestrations…several of which were received as gifts.  Telestrations brought roaring laughter and rolling on the floor laughter.  Kind of like the old game of ‘Telephone’ where you see how well the original message gets to the end of the line.

By the time we left (about 10:00 pm) everyone was pretty tired.  Paityn and Cameron slept all the way home, Zoe and Ben had been in bed for some time.  Alex was the only grandbaby that looked like he was still wide awake.  After unloading the car, when we got home, we all pretty much hit the bed.

We all ended up sleeping until nearly 9:00 am.  Michael’s phone started ringing right away and he made several sales and got some really good prospects for sales next year.

Zack and Kelsea went into Madison to do some ‘day after Christmas’ shopping and were happy to find a new tree which Kelsea was hoping for.  Paityn and Cameron stayed home with Nana & Papaw.  While they played with their various new toys…Nana and Papaw worked.

For our last dinner, Dan and family came over and we all enjoyed tacos (a staple with all of our families!)  Of course, our time wouldn’t have been complete without playing some games for the last time this visit.

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