Preparing To Fly

Posted by on December 12, 2017

We’ve been sporting a cracked windshield on the truck since shortly before we left the oil patch this past spring.  We kept putting off getting it fixed but finally decided to get it taken care of.

Bye Bye cracked windshield!

Michael called Safelite earlier in the week and set up an appointment to have them come here, to the RV Park, and have it replaced on Saturday.  We had an appointment for between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm and as with DirecTV the tech finally showed up about 1:45 pm.  However, the tech was very good about letting us know that he was running late and would be later than the appointed time frame.

It was interesting to watch him remove the old windshield as I expected it to be a very cumbersome job and hard to lift out that big old windshield…and it wasn’t!  He made it look easy.  The job took him about an hour long and we know have a crack free windshield!

Packing almost done

Strangely enough our weekends tend to be more quiet, work-wise, than weekdays.  Which is kinda nice as it gives us a chance to get caught up on work-work, house work and other miscellaneous tasks we may need to get accomplished.  Like this weekend was spent getting suitcases out of the basement and packing them for our trip to Wisconsin this coming Wednesday 12/13.

I also got a chance to reprogram our new DVR with our favorite shows, do some laundry, get some cleaning done so the house is nice and welcoming when we come back home from Wisconsin, purchase a couple more Christmas gifts and various other tasks that have been on the back burner.

Michael, too, was able to get some small chores done that he’s been wanting to do – he cleaned and checked the propane tanks, readied the last two boxes to be sent to Wisconsin, ordered a new pair of glasses from Zenni Optical and piddled with this and that.

Mail Call!

We had some errands to run before we head to Wisconsin for a few weeks so Monday was set aside for that.  We had mail to pick up from our mail service as well as a couple of small boxes to ship to Wisconsin.

Michael needed a little sprucing up as he was, once again, looking pretty shabby.  He got a hair cut and beard trim at the barber on post as he still likes more of a military cut…it’s not as short but its cut to his liking.

We also got our feet pampered….and it was very welcomed.  It had been a couple of months or more since we’d last indulged.  Just one of life’s little pleasures that we both really enjoy.  Not sure we’ll go back to this place as it wasn’t the greatest service….well at least the woman who did mine wasn’t…and the place is kinda run down and in need of some attention.

It was also the day that we had our ‘Movie of the Week’ date.  We took in the 11:55 am showing of ‘Lady Bird‘ at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater…one of our usual venues.   We chose the movie because of it’s 8.5 rating on IMDb and not really knowing anything about the movie we were hoping for the best.  Once again…we both enjoyed the movie…good story but the ending kinda left us wanting more.


…and after

After picking up the mail Michael was left with a couple of small projects to tend to on Tuesday.  First was installing a new leg on our steps.  Back in October when we left Ft. Sam we forgot to put the steps up and Michael pulled forward about 3 or 4 feet and bent one of the legs.  The replacement leg came in the mail!

We also go our new Texas license plates in the mail so Michael went ahead and changed out the old South Dakota plates and we are now official!  We should get our drivers licenses in the mail while we are in Wisconsin so they’ll be waiting in our mailbox when we get back.

Our ride for 17 hours!

Tuesday afternoon we picked up our rental car for the trip to the airport.  Rather than spending money to park our big ol’ truck at the airport we’ve been opting to rent a car to get us to the airport and another to get us home when we return.  It doesn’t really save any money but it works for us.

On our way to the rental place we passed a house that was decorated for Christmas.  The house is in a pretty affluent neighborhood.  The houses in the area are huge and gorgeous and this one was no exception.  It stood out enough to take a picture to share.

Our flight is at 8:00 am Wednesday with boarding beginning at 7:30 am. so we’re planning to leave home about 5:00 am in order to return the car, hop on the shuttle bus and get to the airport and checked in in plenty of time.





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