Wow! What a Week!

Posted by on December 8, 2017

We had a craving for some good ol’ Texas BBQ and since we hadn’t really had ANY since we’ve been back in Texas it was long over due.  We decided to try the Old Smokehouse BBQ and were happy we did.  The place had good reviews and they were spot on.

Darned good BBQ!

Between us we tried ribs, brisket and sausage as well as their green beans and cream style corn.  Everything had great flavor and the green beans were exceptionally good.  The ribs were cooked just right, tender but stayed on the bone when you took a bite.  The sausage was really tasty and actually can be found in area grocery stores.  The brisket was good and had a nice smoke ring but I would like it to have been just a wee bit more tender.

We both enjoyed our meals and will definitely go back when in the area as it is located on the northwest side of San Antonio.  Good stuff.

Between work and appointments we’ve been BUSY.

Getting put through the paces during his pulmonary function test

On Monday, Michael had to go to the Audie Murphy VA Hospital for a pulmonary function test.  He has asthma and other breathing issues and they continue to follow him.  Michael swears that a lot of his breathing issues are from the smoke from the chemical fires while he was in Kuwait during Desert Storm.  He makes sure that he mentions this to the doctors at his appointments so that it’s noted in his medical records so that in the future if there are other issues they can be addressed.

That afternoon, I had an appointment for a mammogram and an ultrasound of my thyroid.  Both my sister, Vicki and I have larger than normal thyroids and have had doctors follow-up with them over the years.  My new doctor wanted to have the ultrasound done just to for good measure.

The ultrasound showed a nodule on my thyroid that the radiologist felt looked benign but to be totally sure she referred me to an endocrinologist.  That appointment is for January 3rd…so we’ll see what they have to say.

We made time to see our movie of the week.  We have NO plans at all to stop that any time soon as we both really enjoy it and it’s our biggest entertainment outing.  This week we saw Daddy’s Home 2.  It was a good way to alleviate any built up stress and it was a good light-hearted Christmas comedy.  I enjoyed it but Michael really hooted…good thing we were the only people in the theater!

New York pizza…oh yeah!

What better way to end a movie date than to enjoy a pizza?  It’s been a while since we’d enjoyed a pizza from a ‘mom & pop’ type place and I found one not far away, Cappo’s Pizza.  The owner’s father is from upstate New York and he call’s New York his second home.  The father & son team work together to put out some excellent dishes, that’s for sure!

…and garlic knots…delish!

We ordered the Capos Supremo (sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms (eww…hold the ‘shrooms), onions, sweet peppers, olives) and it was Excellent – with a capital E!  They also offer garlic knots, something we’d never seen before ordering pizza in New York…and they were delicious – fresh, tender and the marinara to dip them in was nice and mild.  Another place you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll go back to.

On Tuesday, Michael had a routine optometry appointment to have his eyes examined and was also referred to a specialist to see if surgery is needed to correct the laziness in his right eye.  He had surgery to correct the lazy eye back in 1989 but the eye seems to be doing its own thing again.  We’re in the process of waiting for the VA to call to set up the appointment for the specialist.
On Wednesday, we were home all day waiting for DirecTV to show up to do an equipment upgrade on all of our equipment (dish, boxes, remotes).  Even after Michael explained to 2 different people that we were in San Antonio and not at our Wisconsin billing address AND having someone cancel the appointment that they made IN Wisconsin they STILL sent someone to the Wisconsin address.
While they sent someone to Wisconsin they also tried to send someone here to San Antonio too…however, that person was under the impression that we needed an international dish so he told us we’d have to reschedule even though we told him that we did not need an international dish.

Snow…in San Antonio!!

After much discussion with a DirecTV supervisor we were rescheduled for Friday morning between 8:00 and 12:00.  First thing in the morning we got a call asking about our ‘international dish’…really??  Michael was not happy and called DirecTV to confirm what the order was for and was told ‘an equipment upgrade’ nothing to do with an international dish.  Michael filed a complaint right then stating that he was pretty sure that this ‘sub-contractor’ used the international dish excuse to try to reschedule do to the weather as it was pouring all day on Wednesday and it was cold and we had snow (yes, I said snow!) on Friday morning.


Thankfully, after a call from a supervisor to go over his complaint our technician showed up about 12:30 (late…but better than nothing).  He switched out all of our equipment for new and everything works great!  One of our remotes wasn’t working the best and it really took some ‘mashing’ of buttons to get them to work.  The old dishes bracket was broken and made ‘locking it in’ troublesome.  Glad that is done!

Brand spanking new thermostat!

Wednesday brought Kenny from GoRV to the house to install a new thermostat for the main part of the coach.  The old one had been misbehaving for a while.  Periodically it just wouldn’t turn off and Michael would have to reset it to get it to ‘toe the line’.  Now we see if that does the trick!

On Thursday we were out the door about 6:40 am so that we could be to the driver’s license office by 7:30 am when they opened.  We ended up being the first in line and were seated and reps desk minutes after we arrived.  Unfortunately, our visit was short-lived as I didn’t have our marriage certificate with.  I had to prove who I was with my birth certificate (which I had) but since my name was different on my application (Barnett) versus what was on my birth certificate (Evans) I had to have my marriage certificate to prove the name change…no where in all the research I’d done did it say that was needed.  Ugh.
It didn’t matter anyway as we still would have had to come back because Michael has had a CDL for 20+ years and wanted to maintain it.  In order to maintain it he had to have a DOT physical.  Our service rep was very good about directing us to Concentra Urgent Care who was able to do the physical on a walk in basis.
To make a very long story short…we left the DMV office at 8:00 am and after going to get Michael’s physical done, running back home to get my passport AND marriage license (I wasn’t playing games anymore!) and a quick run through a drive through to get something to eat we were back at the DMV by 11:30 am.  Our rep was good enough to have us just let her know when we were back and when she finished with the customer she was with she took care of us.  By 12:30 pm we were done and now we wait for our Texas drivers licenses to come in the mail.  Whew!  Sure are glad that that is over.

Vicki, Arvin and Aurora

Friday morning we had a knock on the door and were greeted by a couple we had met at the Heartland National Rally and then again when we were at Wright Patterson AFB this summer.  Arvin and Vicky and their beautiful pup, Aurora, stopped by to say ‘hello’ and we visited for nearly an hour before they had to go tend to their laundry.  They own a Big Horn, are retired military and have been full-timing for three years.  Plus, Arvin is originally from Shawano, Wisconsin so we had quite a bit to talk about.  They’re thinking about going to the Quartzsite Show next month so we may see them there.

Good friends make a meal even more inviting

Our friends Prentiss and Virginia, who we shared a meal with while we were in Little Rock back in September are in the area for a month or so (they own a home in Canyon Lake) and we made plans to meet them at Sea Island Shrimp House for lupper on Friday afternoon.

Michael’s fish dish…

We had such a good visit with them in Little Rock that we were really looking forward to another visit with them.  Victoria had recommended the restaurant as they’d been there before and it turned out to be very good.  I got a shrimp platter with four different kinds of shrimp and it was very good.  Michael went with a cod dish that was covered in a lemon butter sauce that he really enjoyed.

We visited for nearly three hours before we decided we’d better get going as we had work to do and the restaurant was starting to fill up.  Just like our last visit we had such a good time that we’re already talking about trying to get back together after the holidays before we both leave the area for a while.

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