Travel Day: Canyon Lake, TX To Ft. Sam Houston, TX

Posted by on December 1, 2017

I was up about 6:30 am as I had a couple of things I wanted to get done for work and for myself before we hit the road for our amazingly long journey.

There’s a small restaurant down the road from us called, Granny D’s, and we’d planned to go there at least once while we were here…well the time slipped by so quickly that we never got there.   Michael suggested we go there for breakfast this morning and I agreed.  It’s nothing fancy…just good down-home cookin’.

Red, white and blue plates!

Michael ordered the Paw Paw Platter which is two eggs, choice of meat, hash browns or home fries and a biscuit & gravy.  I ordered the Mountain breakfast biscuit which is basically the same thing Michael had but served in a big heap with gravy over the top.   My breakfast was delicious and really hit the spot.  Michael’s eggs were a little under done for his liking but he managed.  We learned that our definition and their definition of ‘over medium’ is a little different…they serve over medium as what we know as over easy.

After breakfast we went back to the park and finished getting ready to move (not much left to do) and then hitched the truck up to the trailer and were pulling out of the park at 9:35 am.  By 10:05 am we were at Buc-cee’s fueling up.  Might as well get the better pricing while you can.

LONG line…

Rather than heading straight to Ft. Sam and the FamCamp Michael wanted to run by the Blue Beacon and get the coach cleaned up for the holidays.  When we arrived at the Blue Beacon at 10:45 am we were met with a fairly long line of vehicles…most of which were trucks and trailers from Mobile Maintenance, a copy we dealt with frequently while on our last gate guarding gig.

The line actually went fairly quickly.  Michael pulled out his laptop and did a little work while we waited…me…I played a game on my phone.  LOL  It took just a bit over an hour from the time we pulled in to the time we pulled out…which wasn’t bad.  And for $68, both the truck and trailer (and their tires) are all spiffy for the holidays.

Ft. Sam RV Park – Site 14

We ended up arriving at the RV park about 1:15 pm.  Baker, the normal person in the office was off today so we met someone else who works in the back office.  She got us checked in quickly and even was able to extend our stay by a couple of days to accommodate Michael’s abdominal ultrasound on January 2nd.  So now, rather than leaving here on the 1st, we’ll now stay until the 3rd when we start our trek toward Quartzsite, Arizona for our very first RV Show as vendors!

As seems to be the norm EVERY time we stay at Ft. Sam, Michael had problems getting the satellite to come in.  Poor guy has to fiddle with it for what seems like hours before it finally comes in.  Nowhere else does he have issues like he does here….just don’t quite get it.  Today was NO different.  By the time dinner was ready about 5:30 pm Michael was still messin’ with the dang dish.  He finally gave up and decided to try again tomorrow.  I don’t know how he hadn’t taken and thrown it across the road by that time…I would have.




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