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Posted by on November 30, 2017

After a rather quiet couple of days of the Thanksgiving holiday, Monday hit hard!

It was a crazy busy day!  We had to go into San Antonio (about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic as we had lots of errands to take care of – blood draw for me, Sleep doctor appointment for Michael, Mammogram and thyroid ultrasound for me, plus a couple of smaller errands like picking up mail, stopping at the office supply store, etc.

While in the city we took in our movie of the week – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  This was one that we’d seen previews for over the summer at other movies and I was looking forward to it.  The story line was interesting and had us absorbed throughout most of the movie.  However, the ending was crappy…just plain crappy.  One of those that just kind of leaves you hanging with no solid wrap up.  Bah humbug!

In between all of that, Michael was super busy with phone calls, receiving them and returning them.  Plus we got several leads via the contact form on the website.  It was a busy but productive day and we were able to lock down several sales and had several others close to committing.

The Pig Stand…right next to I-35

We stopped at the Pig Stand for an early dinner.  The Pig Stand was a chain of restaurants that opened in the 1920s in Dallas and then spread throughout the state.  The San Antonio location is the last location still open.   With that kind of history we had to check the place out.

Michael’s chicken fried steak was good.  I had fish and shrimp and should have gone with chopped steak.  I love cod…but not with cornmeal breading.  I should have listened to myself…there are just things you don’t order in certain regions…chicken fried steak in Wisconsin, deep-fried cod in the south…catfish, yes…but not cod.  Certain areas have their specialties and you just don’t go outside those parameters.  LOL  Oh well, it’s no the first time I haven’t listened to myself…and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Would I go back?  Yes, I would…but I’d try something they’re known more for…the ‘pig sandwich’ or a burger, etc.  The restaurant itself is very ‘diner-ish’ with small jukeboxes on the walls above the tables and pigs everywhere…big pigs, little pigs, ceramic pigs, metal pigs, pig statues, pig cookie jars….you name it!

We’ll be back!

We were blessed to be able to share another meal with Heartland friends Tom & Marti at Herbert’s Taco Hut in San Marcos.  Which was a completely different dining experience.  This is Tom & Marti’s ‘go to’ place for Mexican fare and it’s easy to tell why.  I ordered combination chicken & beef fajitas and oh my goodness…melt in your mouth tender, seasoned perfectly…wow!  Michael went with his mainstay…enchiladas and went as far as to say they were some of the best he’d ever had.

GOOD people!

We met Tom & Marti’s beautiful home…they designed it themselves!  We visited on the screened in back porch before carpooling to the restaurant.  When we arrived back at the house after dinner Marti was sweet enough to send a couple of pieces of chocolate meringue pie that she’d made.  We visited for a short while before we decided it was time to head on home.  We have so enjoyed spending more time with Tom & Marti and look forward to our next visit.

Sure gonna miss these guys…

With our time here at Canyon Lake winding down WAY faster than I care for we finally found the time to enjoy our first…and only…fire.  It was nice to just take an hour or so to relax and have some ‘us’ time.  As our business venture continues to pick up those kind of evenings might be fewer and fewer…so we’ll take ’em when we can get ’em.

Coincidentally enough, Michael had a gentleman call, who needed some new seals (which we were able to help him with) and he mentioned that he follows our blog!  How cool is that?   So here’s a SHOUT OUT to, Richard H.!!

When we were last in the area (November/December 2012) we stayed on the ‘Randolph AFB side’ and this time we’re on the ‘Ft Sam side’.  Five years ago we had a striped cat, who we called Abby, visit us daily.  She was a ‘ward’ of the park and just kind of made her rounds and visited each campsite.  You can read about her in this post,  ‘Meet Abby’

Charlie Tuna all snuggled in for the night

This time…we have another cat that visits us daily….and actually makes his bed on our folding stools each night. The owner of the cat was a charming person and he even spent some time with us explaining to us how he used the Cat World Community to provide his cat with only the best products, as the cat was among the best things that happened to him in his life. If we’re not punctual enough in the morning he stands outside the door and meows.  He’s a bit skittish and doesn’t allow much petting…but he sure loves him some tuna!  When he first started visiting we gave him some tuna and he gobbled it up.  We picked some canned cat food up at the store and he refuses to eat it….won’t even give it a thought….just snubs his nose at it.  However, bring him some tuna….and it’s gone.  This one we’ve named ‘Charlie Tuna’….I’m sure you understand why.  LOL

Tomorrow we move…back to Ft. Sam in the big bustling city of San Antonio.  It will be nice to not have to commute the hour plus for appointments but I’m gonna miss the tranquility here.


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