Travel Day: Oklahoma City, OK To Canyon Lake, TX

Posted by on November 4, 2017

Dark and foggy as we hitched up this morning.

We decided to drive all the way back to Canyon Lake in one shot rather than overnighting somewhere down the road, which meant a 440 mile drive.  Ugh!

With that long of a trip staring us in the face we did nearly all of our travel day prep work yesterday – outside:  dumped the tanks, put some water in the fresh water tank, unhooked and stowed the water hose, took down and stowed the satellite dish.  inside:  stowed items that needed to be stowed, locked cabinet and closet doors, pulled all the shades.

The plan was to leave about 6:00 am and we ended up hitching up and pulling out at 6:10, which isn’t bad considering it was dark and foggy.  We made our way to the Piazza gate on the south end of the airbase and then to I-240 which took us to I-35.  Then it was just a matter of following I-35 all the way south to New Braunfels.

Back on Texas ground!

We made a rest stop about 140 miles down the road at the Texas welcome center.  They had some nice rocking chairs that we relaxed in for about 20 minutes before heading back out to the truck and getting back on the interstate.

In my new role with Performance Trailer Braking I worked as we went down the road.  I responded to some emails, sent some emails, did a little scheduling of rallies etc.  It sure kept me busy and the time really flew!

Smooth sailing!

Passing through Fort Worth on a Saturday morning about 10:00, proved to be a pretty easy task.  Traffic wasn’t bad at all and what there was moved smoothly.  Just the way we like to pass through a big city!

We stopped at just about noon in Waco for lunch.  We decided to stop at Bush’s for some fried chicken, which we’d never tried and it was pretty good.  I would have preferred a little spice to it like Popeye’s but you get what you get.  All in all it would do in a pinch.

The ‘short’ line to tastiness

Another reason we stopped there was so that we could visit the Czech Stop.  I’ve seen advertisement for years about all of the Czech stops in this area and today was the day to check one of them out.  (there are a couple more I’d like to Czech out – see what I did there!?)  We wondered why there was a large parking lot designated for the Czech stop across the street but once we got inside we found out why.  The line pretty long but I’d bet it wasn’t as long as it gets when they’re actually busy.

Fruit kolaches, breakfast kolaches, cookies…

The Czech Stop offers all kinds of Czech delicacies – pastries, pies, cookies, sausage, cheese, breads, etc) We picked up a couple of small (individual size that we share) pies, a couple of cookies (highly recommended by the woman behind us) and a couple of different kolaches (jalapeno and cheese and bacon, egg and cheese).  The place is a bit on the pricey side so keep that in mind if you decide to stop.

Our stop lasted less than an hour.  Very unusual for us…but we still had a 175 miles left to travel and we wanted to make sure we got to our destination in plenty of time to get set up before it started getting dark.

Michael’s idea of a workout!

We made another ‘relief’ stop just south of Belton.  This rest area had an area for a ‘rest stop workout’.  Michael tried out each piece of equipment and stretched out his back in the process…now he’s concerned of how well he’ll be able to move tomorrow!

One of my favorite things about staying in this area…the deer population is HUGE!

We arrived at the Joint Base San Antonio Recreation Area at 4:30 on the dot.  Since we’d already paid check in was easy, just a matter of getting our site number and a map and we were on our way.  As we drove up to our site we were greeted by six deer that were feeding on some corn in the road in front of our site.

Home until December 1 – site 28

Michael backed in like a champ…in one fell swoop!  It was so smooth that our neighbors commented that he put them to shame!  LOL  Other than connect to the electric we didn’t do any outside chores…no satellite, no water, no sewer.  Michael was too tired and decided it could wait until tomorrow.

I got the inside straightened away and warmed up some chili for dinner and we plan to do nothing more than relax the rest of the evening…wouldn’t even doubt if we head to bed exceptionally early!

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