Travel Day: Gainesville, TX To Tinker AFB, TX

Posted by on October 29, 2017

Brrrr…..while we were nice and toasty in our bed under the covers getting out from under the covers wasn’t so pleasant!  The thermostat showed 46 degrees when I fired up the generator to get the heat pumps going.

While the heat pumps went to work I wrapped myself in my favorite shawl and covered up with a soft minky blanket and perused Facebook, worked on this blog post and played a game of Spite and Malice on my computer.
Michael on the other hand stayed beneath the blankets, in bed, until 9:00 when I finally went and asked when planned to get up.  He’d taken a couple of muscle relaxers last night and was out for the count!

We weren’t quite sure of today’s destination.  We hoped to stay at the Tinker Air Force Base FamCamp but since they don’t take reservations we had to have a back up plan…and that back up plan was the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman…about 15 miles south of Tinker.  Tinker is $107 per week for full hookup and the Fairgrounds is $25 per night for full hookup…kind of a no brainer…but the ‘no reservations’ thing kinda puts a crimp in things.

We headed over to the restaurant about 9:30 to get some breakfast and we’re surprised at how busy they were.  Lots of big parties of 6+ filled the dining room and the general store was hopping.  Thankfully we were seated right away, our order taken and then our food delivered very quickly.  As we are ate our breakfast the people kept coming and by the time we were done it was even busier than when arrived an hour before.

While at the restaurant I called the FamCamp to see if they had any sites available and was told they had one maybe two we’d fit in so I told we’d call again as we got a little closer to make sure the site was still available.

Look at that beautiful sky!

With just 133 miles to drive today we hit the road about 10:45 with beautiful blue skies to lead the way.

Before we got too far down the road we stopped to fill up with diesel so we’d be good for the remainder of the trip.  Fuel was $2.39 per gallon, which wasn’t too bad as we’ve paid much higher over the years.

Police escort…

About 45 minutes before we were due to arrive at Tinker AFB I called again to be sure there was still a site for us and as assured there was so we continued on arriving at the FamCamp about 1:45 or so after having to find a different gate to enter through as the one we’re used to using is no longer open on the weekends.  We even got a Military Police escort to show us the way to the park from the new gate.

Home Sweet Home in site 24

This is is a little and tight park.  We stayed here once before in September of 2014 but only for 4 nights.  So after first stopping at the office we then made our way to our assigned site, site 24.  The park is just one long oval and the side that we are on only has one row of RVs while the other side has RVs parked on both sides of the road which makes it even hard to get parked.

Tight quarters…

The Camp host normally has to go to all the neighboring sites and ask them to move their vehicles when someone new comes in to park.  We were lucky, in that, Michael was able to back right into our site without anyone having to move their vehicles.

Too bad Michael doesn’t have a pole…

Our site is right across the street from a small fishing pond, which makes for a nice view…not that we’ll have much time to enjoy the view while we’re here…but it’s the thought that counts, right!?!  We’re here until next Saturday (6 nights) when we’ll go back south to Canyon Lake and stay at the Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Recreation area on the north side of Canyon Lake.

It was 73 when we arrived here at the FamCamp and instead of making sure that the air conditioning was going full throttle I opened several windows so that we could enjoy the gorgeous day!  Better do it while we can as it’ll be back down in the 50s tomorrow!


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