Friends, Burgers and Time to Hit the Road

Posted by on October 27, 2017

The most unassuming places usually have the best food!

We had absolutely no plans to go anywhere or do anything while here at Crane’s Mill….but….when Heartland friends, Tom & Marty, messaged us asking if we were free to get together for a burger on Wednesday, how could we possibly say no!?!

We met Tom & Marty at the Horseshoe Grill in Canyon Lake as they’d been there before and said they had a darn good burger.  It’s just a small burger stand offering burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, fries, tots and onion rings pretty much.

We placed our orders quickly enough – bacon cheeseburger for Michael and a patty melt with bacon for me and an order of fries and onion rings to share.  Since this is a burger ‘stand’ there is no dining room but there have several picnic tables outside to sit at.  We chose a table with chairs that have backs and settled in to visit.

Thanks go to Tom for snapping the picture, that I couldn’t get!

Our meals were delivered to our table while we chatted with Tom & Marti.  Tom & Marti were the South Texas Chapter Leaders before we took over so we discussed the rally we just had and how it went.  They gave us some tips and ideas for future rallies too.  They went on a big trip to the east coast earlier this year and we enjoyed hearing about that…we really need to get that way!

Our burgers were delicious but what really made the meal especially enjoyable was our time with Tom & Marti, we hadn’t seen them in a couple of years, I think, so we really enjoyed the 2 hours we spent together.  We’re hoping to get together again in a couple of weeks and we’re really looking forward to it!

Can you see ’em? That don’t even budge when people are around…

Before heading home we made a quick drove over to the JBSA Canyon Lake Recreation Area (where we have reservations for the month of November) just to check out the campground since it’s been five yeas since we were there last.  We were greeted by lots and lots of deer…five when we first drove in, 3 more inside the campground and a couple of others along the road as we left.  This was one of our favorite things about staying there before…we fed the deer out of our hands!

Deliciousness, right there!

We made a quick stop at the Lowes grocery store in Startzville to pick up a small container of ice cream to go with a Pecan Cobbler I’d made earlier in the day.  This was a recipe Michael saw on Facebook and I told him I’d make it for him.  The non-baker in me thought it looked fairly easy…and it was!  PLUS…it’s delicious…but oh so rich!

Since we have time while we’re cooling our heels here at Cranes Mill Corps of Engineer Park Michael’s been do some small projects.  One such project was to clean the bathroom Maxxair fan.  After 6+ years it was in dire need of a good cleaning.

Giving all the parts of the Maxxair fan a GOOD washing!

Michael completely removed it from the roof and brought it down to ground level so that he could completely dismantle it and give it a thorough cleaning.  It looks SO nice now.  I should have taken a before picture to show the comparison, darn it!

In the same category…Michael took down both air conditioner ceiling covers and gave them a thorough cleaning as well.  They sure can collect a lot of dust!  Thankfully, they’re not too hard to clean and look as good as new when done.

Friday blew in like a Tasmanian devil!  Super windy with a high in the low 60s!  We kinda rocked and rolled all day long and the water in the lake produced lots of whitecaps.  There was a wind advisory until noon but the wind sure didn’t calm down much after that.

It looks like our new venture is getting closer and closer.  So now we must pull up stakes here at Cranes Mill COE park and head north to the Oklahoma City area so that we can begin this next phase of our lives.  We’ll be heading out Saturday morning bright and early to make the 450ish mile trip.  We plan to overnight along the route, probably at a Cracker Barrel or Flying J type place and then either stay at Tinker AFB FamCamp (no reservations) or at a nearby fairgrounds.  Gonna play that by ear depending on whether Tinker has space for us or not.

Hopefully by this time next week we will be able to share with all of you what our future holds.

I’m curious.  What do you think our new venture will be?  I can give you this hint:  We will still be RVing FULL-TIME.



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  1. Marie

    Something to do with Hartland?

    • Kelly

      Hi Marie!

      Nope…nothing to do with Heartland, per se…except it might take us to MORE Heartland rallies!

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