Travel Day: San Antonio, TX To Canyon Lake, TX

Posted by on October 24, 2017

Just a short 45ish miles to travel today with a pit stop at the very beginning.

Since we now have a San Antonio, address we made plans to stop and get the coach inspected so that we’re one step further to switching our residence to Texas, rather than South Dakota.

Southwest Wheel had been recommended to us by one of our Heartland Owners Club members and it’s not far from Ft. Sam so we decided to give them a try.

After doing the usual move day chores (unhooking & stowing satellite, water, sewer & power outside and stowing & securing necessary items inside) we pulled out of the Ft. Sam RV Park at 9:58 am.

Ready to be inspected!

We arrived at the inspection place about 30 minutes after leaving our site at Ft. Sam.  We would have been there about 10 minutes sooner but we missed our turn and had to go a bit out-of-the-way.

The inspection was ridiculously easy…they checked the lights and turn signals, had Michael pay the $7.00 fee, handed him the paperwork and we were on our way 21 minutes later.  We would like to have had the truck inspected at the same time but they only inspect trailers.  We’ll get the truck taken care of here shortly…it’s much easier to deal with.

Set up in site 23 for who knows how long!

We arrived at the Crane’s Mill Corps of Engineer Park about in Canyon Lake (on the south side of the lake) about 12:15 pm.  None of the reservable sites were available but I felt sure that we could snag one of the non-reservable sites and we did.  We got one of the last non-reservable sites…and it backs up to the lake!

We got backed in and unhitched and then went back up to the gate house to pay.  We’re not sure exactly how long we’ll be here…possibly eight nights…possibly less if our new venture comes to fruition.  We’ll just have to wait and see…for now we just paid for two nights and will go for there.

​ By 1:00 pm I had dinner in the Instant Pot (Penne & Meatballs) and Michael had the water, electric & satellite dish up and running.  No sewer here, so no need to deal with setting that up today.

The view from my recliner

We relaxed the remainder of the day away.  I watched a couple of the old Halloween series movies and Michael even catnapped.  I couldn’t help but view out the back window every now and again…so pretty!

Back tracking a bit…yesterday we made our weekly pilgrimage to the movie theater.  This week we saw Only the Brave.  What an excellent movie!  I didn’t really realize what we were going to see…I just knew it was about firefighters and had a decent IMDB rating.  The acting was spot on, the story line was true.  We both really enjoyed it.

Pappadeaux – nice atmosphere

After the movie we tried out a restaurant we’d never been to, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  We’ve driven past the one in San Antonio numerous times and it didn’t matter what time of the day or day of the week the parking lot always seemed to full.

This time it wasn’t any different but when we got inside we saw that there were plenty of tables in the dining room and we had no wait for a table.  The restaurant was much nicer than I expected and our server was very friendly and helpful.
We splurged a bit…Michael ordering a Filet & Lobster while I went with the Filet Oscar…plus we each got a cup of the lobster bisque.  Oh my!  Everything was absolutely delicious and we both really enjoyed our meals as well as the experience.  We’ll definitely be going back.

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