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Posted by on October 12, 2017

With all the hubbub last week we didn’t get to go to a movie so this week hit the ground running and went to see Victoria and Abdul our first full day here at the Ft. Sam RV Park.  I’d been waiting all summer for this movie and it didn’t disappoint.  Michael enjoyed it too.  I’m gonna even say it’s my favorite movie this year.

Bexar Fax & Mail Center

We started the process of changing our residence to Texas.  Heartland friend Lisa and Dan told us about a mail service they use in San Antonio that they were pleased with.  The business (Bexar Fax & Mail Center) is owned and run by 21-year-old Andrew Gonzalez and we drove over to meet him on Tuesday and get some more information about his services.

Andrew…so young and accomplished!

Andrew took the time to show us how to register online, answer all of our questions and even have a friendly, personal conversation about RVing (he’ll be moving into a pull behind soon).

Once back home we signed up for the service using ( and now the job of getting our address changed with everyone will begin.  Next step is to contact our insurance company and have our home state changed from South Dakota to Texas so that we can get the coach inspected.  Stay tuned!

Since the office was closed for Columbus day when we got here we stopped in and paid for our two weeks, hoping we could extend for another week.  Unfortunately, Baker didn’t have room for us the last week of the month but that’s ok.  I found a Corps of Engineer park in Canyon Lake (Crane’s Mill Park) and we plan to go there, hoping they have a first come first serve site available and since we’ll be arriving on a Monday I don’t think we’ll have a problem.

Crane’s Mill is just 16 miles away from where we’ll be staying the month of November so that will work out great and if we can get one of the lake front first come, first serve sites it will be even better!  Wish us luck!

When we were at the office to pay for this current stay I inquired about making a reservation for the month of December and was told there were plenty of openings.  So we’re all set!  We’ll be back here at Ft. Sam for the month of December.  Part of that time we’ll fly to Wisconsin to spend the holidays with ALL of our babies…9 of them….adult and children alike!

Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment.  I haven’t been real happy with the doctor I’ve been seeing here in SA for the past 5 years.  He didn’t do anything wrong but he never really ‘shined’.  So I finally took the plunge and found someone I was hoping might ‘connect’ more with me.

As I get closer to that thing called menopause (sorry guys!) I felt the need to have a female doctor to speak with and guide me.  With my mom gone, one sister having had a hysterectomy and the other not remembering much of the process I just felt lost without having someone to give me a little guidance.

My appointment went well and the doctor was very thorough, something I never really saw with my previous doctor here in San Antonio.  I was given a flu shot and an ekg…just a baseline since I do have elevated blood pressure (well under control with meds).

I also have a list of appointments to make – blood work, thyroid ultrasound (my sister and I have been blessed with overly large thyroids) and a good old mammogram.  Plus, I have another appointment with her for a lovely female check up in December.  I was with either the doctor or a nurse for about an hour and a half.


For dinner we went to Ray’s Drive Inn.  Friends Andy & Joanna had seen something about the place on one of the travel/dining shows on TV and messaged us on Tuesday about it.  We were looking for a place to try after my appointment and who doesn’t like TACOS?!!?

Ray’s has more than just tacos but they’re really known for their tacos.  Specifically their puffy tacos.  Ray’s actually trademarked the ‘puffy taco’ name in 1992.  Ray’s was opened by Ray Lopez in 1956.  In 1982, Ray sold the business to his brother, Arturo, with one stipulation…that the name remain Ray’s Drive Inn.

Enchiladas: cheese, beef & chicken

I ordered tacos – soft, hard & a puffy taco…some with beef, some chicken fajita style.  Michael ordered enchiladas and a puffy taco.  We’d both tried puffy tacos here in San Antonio back in 2012 at Taco Taco.  You can read about that visit HERE. Neither of us were real impressed with the taco there but enjoyed these at Ray’s much more.  I also enjoyed the chicken fajita taco over the beef taco.  The chicken was seasoned very well but the beef was almost kinda mushy.

GOOD old music coming out of this relic!

Unfortunately, our visit was really dampened by our server’s service.  She didn’t write our order down and only relied on her memory.  She had to ask us several times to repeat our order and we both knew when she walked away that she wouldn’t remember it correctly.  And she didn’t.  I was supposed to have one puffy taco and got two…Michael didn’t get his puffy taco and we had to hunt her down to remind her as well as having to hunt her down for drink refills and our check.

On a brighter note…there is an old jukebox that sits in one corner of the restaurant and it constantly plays music…REALLY good music!  60s, 70s, 80s….all of our favorites.  We were be-boppin’ the whole time we were there!


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  1. Donna Rogers

    That “old relic” looks exactly like the one in our basement rathskeller when I was in grade and high school!

    • Kelly

      Hi Donna!!

      Good memories! It just kept pumping out good music…great accompaniment to dinner!

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