Travel Day: Elmendorf, TX to Ft. Sam Houston

Posted by on October 9, 2017

Bob and Big Red were the first to pull out this morning

Monday 10/9

The biggest part of our morning was spent saying our goodbyes, see ya’s and giving and receiving hugs and handshakes as our friends, new and old, hit the road for various destinations.

I tried to take pictures of most of the rigs as they left and since there were only three still in their sites when we pulled out I got most everyone.

Lots of hugs today!

We’ve been with a good portion of this group for three weeks and it was really sad to part ways…but thankfully we know we’ll see them down the road.  Many are going to the rally in Branson in May so we know that we’ll see them then…if not before.

We met a couple of new couples we’d never met before and really enjoyed getting to know them and can’t wait to see them again…  After three weeks together it feels like we’ve known each other much longer.

We planned to leave about 11:00 am and ended up overshooting a bit and pulled out at 11:30.  Not a big deal as we were only traveling 17.7 miles to Ft. Sam Houston.


We were ready to pull into our normal gate just before noon but had a rude awakening when we found it closed.  We’d know for quite sometime that they were supposed to fix the road but it never happened….well it has now!  Not sure how long it will be closed but…we’ll find out later.

We made a quick turnaround (Mikey’s a pro at hauling the coach!) and went a couple of miles down Harry Wurzbach and went in that gate instead.  So rather than pulling into the park about noon we were about 10 minutes behind.

Home for a couple of weeks. LOVE it here!

Since it’s Columbus Day (yes, dang it…COLUMBUS DAY…not indigenous people day) the office was closed but our site assignment was on the bulletin board so we made our way to site 47 (in my favorite part of the park!) and got pulled in, unhitched and hooked up to power, water and sewer in no time.  Michael had a little bit of an issue with the satellite dish again (always seems to when we’re here) but nothing overly crazy.

I threw some brats and fresh veggies on the grill for an early dinner and we relaxed the remainder of the day away.  We were able to work on cleaning up the DVR that has been kind of neglected lately but there’s still quite a bit to go to fully clean it up since the new TV season has started.

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