Heartland Owners Club, South Texas Chapter Rally

Posted by on October 9, 2017

Friday 10/6

Lots to choose from

Friday morning we were treated to another one of Frank’s Breakfast Extravaganza’s.  Franks provides a TON of bacon and sausage and then just asks that the rest of us bring other breakfast dishes.  We had several egg dishes, breakfast sliders, pastries, fruit, biscuits & gravy, breakfast potatoes, etc…and of course, as usual, everything was delicious.

Enjoying life…

We had a good turn out with 35 people making it to the rally hall for the 9:00 am breakfast.  Besides sampling the different dishes there was lots of socializing going on…with several people choosing to hang out in the air-conditioned room versus the humidity of the outdoors.  Can’t say that I blame ’em.

Our last two rigs came in today so we are now complete with a total of 22 rigs here for the rally!   Woohoo!

We had a bit of an ‘oopsie’ with the main dish we decided to provide for Saturday nights potluck.  We planned to by pulled pork from Sam’s Club that just needed to be heated and served.  Unfortunately, this Sam’s Club didn’t have any!  What to do, what to do?

Well…we purchased three 8ish pound pork butt roasts, Michael cut them up into smaller portions and I had three wonderful ladies that offered to use their Instant Pots to cook them.  So between the three of them each doing one batch of pulled pork and me making three batches we had it all cooked by dinner time on Friday.  Woot!

Rally ‘Link Up’

The RV Park cooks dinners on Friday night and Monday night.  For $8 you get a main dish, a side, dessert and drink.  Not a bad deal.  What makes it even better is that the food has been really good and the portions are ridiculously huge.

Friday night nearly our entire rally group chose to grab dinner at the park and I don’t think anyone went home hungry!  We had lasagna, salad, french bread and the most deliciously moist lemon cake I’ve ever had.  Yum!

Following dinner we had a ‘Rally Link Up’ as Michael dubbed it.  Just kind of a touch base – going over the agenda, putting out any information necessary, introducing folks…that kind of thing.

Michael serving up birthday cake

Plus we sang a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to four lovely ladies (Gayle, Flora, Joanna & Debbie) who were either celebrating birthdays this weekend or next week.  We even had a birthday cake but not much of it was eaten since everyone was still so full from dinner!

Mexican Train!

A few people hung out in the rally hall to either visit or play Mexican Train while others went home to relax or chill out in the Tiki Hut/Margaritaville.  Michael and I visited for a while but I ended up back at home about 8:45 and Michael followed about 20 minutes later.

Saturday 10/7

A nice way to start the day…

The park offers breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings so people had several options to choose from:  let the park serve them, make their own breakfast at home or Michael and I set up some chairs and a couple of tables beside our coach where people could grab some juice, muffins or yogurt.  There was coffee in the rally hall that could be had as well.

We had quite a few people stop by to visit and we ended up out there as people came and went for a couple of hours.  It was a nice way to start the day.

I take such flattering pictures

I did an Instant Pot demo for anyone that was interested and ended up with about 20+ people (men & women alike!) show up.  We used two electric pressure cookers – one an actual Instant Pot and the other a Farberware brand.  They work fairly similarly and with a little bit of a learning curve we got the Farberware unit to do what we wanted and both dishes (Penne Pasta & Meatballs) turned out great and I think a lot of people found it to be fun and easy.

We had the traditional rally potluck for dinner with our pulled pork being the main dish and everyone bringing sides to share.  I don’t think anyone ever leaves a potluck full or unsatisfied as there is such a variety of dishes prepared by very talented cooks.

Our first rally as Chapter Leaders!

Before we ate we had our ‘official’ rally photographer, Bob, take a group picture.  Michael worked with Bob to get just the right back drop for the photo, which turned out to be Lin & Debbie’s Landmark 365.

Outgoing and incoming recipients of the ‘Traveling Sombrero’!

There has been a Heartland tradition since 2013…the ‘Traveling Sombrero’ we were very graciously gifted the Traveling Sombrero and serape by Andy and Joanna and are SO honored to be able to call it ours until we are able pass it on to its next lucky recipients!  Beware…no Heartland owner is SAFE!  Muah!

After everything was cleaned up everyone went their own ways while a small group of house stayed in the rally hall either, once again, visiting or playing a game of Mexican Train.  Michael and I joined the train gang and ended up playing until nearly 11:00 pm before we had to end the game due to the room closing at 11:00 pm.

Sunday 10/8

Jake wasn’t quite sure how to react to this little creature

We spent another morning outside beside the coach visiting with our Heartland family.  Michael grabbed us a couple of breakfast tacos from the park’s little diner  they weren’t nearly as tasty as I’m used to but they were better than just eating muffins for breakfast.

We set out juice, yogurt, muffins and pastries for anyone that wanted to partake and were able to empty several containers.  We donated the remaining muffins to the park and they were much appreciated.

There goes Andy and Joanna!

We had five rigs leave today…three in the morning so we were able to send them off with hugs from the Grimes’ and Smith’s and waves to the Sacrey’s.  The other two departures took place a little later and we missed ’em somehow.

John and Rana stopped by with the puppy, Allie, and we visited for a while…inside…out of the heat.  The high was in the mid 90s and the humidity has been horrible…60-70%…or more!!!  We pretty much took the day to relax inside…watched a couple of shows and just vegetated.

Smaller group…but just as much love filling the room

For dinner we had about 13 couples join us for an after rally leftover potluck.  We didn’t have quite as many offerings as we did the day before but we still had plenty and everyone got their fill and was able to clean out their fridge…which is always nice.

Back home Michael did a little prep work for Monday’s journey.  I had a little to do, but not much as I’d done most of it earlier in the day.  I had my jammies on by 7:30 pm and was in bed shortly before 9:00 pm.  We’ve been rallying for 3 weeks and we’re tired!  LOL


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