Pre-Rally Happenings…

Posted by on October 6, 2017

It rained a good portion of the night last night (Tuesday) and into Wednesday morning.  Thankfully, one of our neighbors put our chairs under the coach to keep them dry while we were gone on Tuesday.

We stopped in the office to pick up a package we had sent here and also met with the park manager to go over stuff for the rally.  The staff is very helpful and accommodating and I foresee a very smooth and fun rally.

Looks like a rallys a brewin’!

We were expecting nine rigs to arrive today and they started arriving about 1:00 pm.  Thankfully, the rain finally stopped and the skies cleared up enough for us to be able to take a walkabout and welcome our new arrivals and give them their t-shirts and agendas for the weekend.

25 Heartland friends sending love to one of our members who had to cancel

We made plans for anyone that wanted to join us to have dinner at the Buffet City in San Antonio.  It’s only about six miles north of the park so it worked out nicely.  The restaurant offers your typical Asian dishes but also has a Mongolian BBQ area, as well.

We ended up with a nice sized group that went for dinner…about 25 in all…a GREAT turn out for a pre-rally dinner!  The food was fresh and warm and that counts for a lot in a buffet in my opinion.  They also had a pretty good variety of offering for the Mongolian BBQ.  We’ll go back for sure.

After dinner we made stops at HEB (yay!) and Walmart for a few items.  Jay and Stella rode with us and they had a few items to pick up too so it worked out great.  And since the restaurant was across the street from both places it was convenient too!

Me, Mary Ann, Corbin & Flora checking out some shops

Thursday afternoon a group of us caravaned into San Antonio to hit up El Mercado or Market Square which is a Mexican market place with about 100 or so shops.  Michael and I were there back on October 13, 2012 and enjoyed it so I looked forward to going again.

Don, Michael, Larry & Vicky just hanging out

We had 13 in the group that went to the market and all went in different directions…some in groups of two or three some by themselves, others that just sat in the courtyard and visited.

I think that I was the only person that purchased anything at all but I think we all enjoyed roaming around looking at the various things for sale.  I ended up buying a small (perfect for an RV) nativity set that will be perfect on our entertainment center this Christmas.

Fifteen for dinner!

We all met back up for dinner at Mi Tierra, a San Antonio landmark.  They’re open 24 hours a day and also have a Mexican bakery on site.  We were joined by John and Rana who just drove into today from Alabama.

How could we pass up a treat or two??

The food was very good…authentic and tasty!  We visited over our meals, enjoyed each others company and were serenaded by the mariachis.  I don’t think that anyone had room for dessert but a couple of us did stop at the bakery to pick up some delicious baked goods for later on.  (I think Michael and I have dessert for the next week!)

We made stops at both Sam’s Club and Walmart on the way home to pick up supplies for the rally.  We had Jay, Stella and Nancy with us too.  Nancy had a few items to pick up too so she shopped a bit.  Jay and Stella got their fingers and toes done.  We were all pretty much done at the same time, which worked out great!





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  1. Teri B

    Sounds like a great turnout and some good times in San Antonio. Hope all went well for the whole rally.

    • Kelly

      Hi Teri! The rally went very smoothly and we had a really good time!

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