Impromptu Drive With Jay & Stella

Posted by on October 4, 2017

Tuesday 10/3

Pea soup?

Wow!  Was it FOGGY out when we woke up.  We had made plans with Jay and Stella to ride with them to Bellville to renew their license plates and at first I was a bit worried that our 9:00 am departure might get delayed but the fog lifted by then and we were good to go.

We ended up stopping at the Buc-ees outside of Luling for a potty break and a snack and continued on our way with no problems.

We arrived at the DMV office in Bellville at noon and Stella went inside.  She got their plates renewed and also her handicapped hangers renewed all in under 20 minutes!  I don’t know that we’ve ever been in and out (and actually got our business taken care of) in that amount of time!

Michael and Stella checking out one of the Landmark models

Since we were so close we decided to drive about 30 miles north to T&S Enterprises in Navasota.  T&S is a newer Heartland dealer and we’d all heard REALLY good things about their business practices and wanted to check them out.  Plus we’d befriended one of the owners, Tim, on Facebook and were looking forward to meeting him in person.

Chatting with Tim…

Tim was so friendly and down-to-earth that he spent roughly two hours chatting with us in one of the coaches.  We talked about the new Heartland coaches, ones coming soon, we discussed the possibility of T&S participating in our next rally, he answered questions and asked some of his own as well.

Tim has a great business sense, is all about his customers and is definitely a people person.  Plus he’s got a really cute dog (pit bull/Basset mix) named Boss.  I’m pretty sure that Michael has decided that when it comes time to purchase a new coach T&S will get our business.  We’d much rather purchase from a ‘small’ business that actually cares about their customer than some big conglomerate.

While we were visiting inside one of the coaches it rained…cats and dogs…which made the outside a muddy mess.  My flip flops had me slip, sliding away but I did check out one last coach before we left.  A Cyclone 3600 that has its entry door in the slide.  A different concept than I’ve ever seen.  It was pretty interesting except that the ‘living room’ area was really tiny.  Oh well…definitely not look for a toy hauler anyway.

Stella and I being chauffeured around like the Princesses we are!

We left T&S about 3:15 pm to make the 150+ mile ride home.  We’d seen a produce stand on the way ended up stopping to pick up some watermelons.  I also picked up some zucchini, squash, onions, peppers, cucumbers and blackberries.  Yummy stuff!

We stopped at Tony’s Family Restaurant in Sealy for an early dinner as we were all pretty hungry by this time.  I don’t think that Jay and Stella have ever steered us wrong with any of the restaurants they’ve taken us to.  This time was no different.

The crew at Tony’s

The food was of the ‘home cookin’ variety and very good and the portions were ridiculously large.  Michael and I both got chicken fried steak with french fries plus two sides…carrots and corn on the cob for Michael and carrots and broccoli casserole for me.  Delicious!  The carrots were just plain old steam carrots…no seasoning…but they were SO sweet and flavorful.  Wow.

Delicious food, huge portions

Of course everyone was too full for dessert but with their homemade pies and cakes we couldn’t pass up taking a piece home for later.

We were back on the road just before 6:00 pm and after making one quick stop to use the restroom at a rest area we arrived home just a few minutes after 8:00 pm.  It rained off and on a good portion of the trip home but nothing real bad.  Jay did a great job of chauffeuring, as usual.

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