Travel Day: Tyler, TX To Elmendorf, TX

Posted by on October 2, 2017

The ‘departing’ committee??

After saying our goodbyes to those outside that were preparing to leave as well, we pulled out of the Tyler Oaks RV Park at 7:45 am.  We had a 319 mile trip ahead of us and planned to stop at the Hall Truck Center in Tyler to get the truck and coach inspected.

We’re contemplating changing our residence from South Dakota to Texas for a couple of reasons and Texas requires that both truck and trailer have an inspection.  We decided to have it done now while we were already towing rather than having to make a special trip.

We contacted the Hall Truck Center in Tyler earlier in the week to make sure they did the inspections but when we got there at 8:00 this morning we were told that they only inspect RVs…we are considered a ‘trailer’.  SMH

Pit stop at the Pit Stop!

They directed us to a Pit Stop about half a mile back the way we came.  We got to the Pit Stop and found out that they, indeed, did do the inspection but we had to pull it through the bay.

Gotta say ‘Texas’

We ended up waiting about 20 minutes as there was another car ahead of us. We found out that our insurance card had to say ‘Texas’ on it…ours says South Dakota…so we didn’t get the inspection done.  We’ll have to do a little more leg work first (change of address, notify insurance of change, get new card with TX on it).

We made a potty stop about 45 minutes after leaving the Pit Stop and found that the truck tool box was open (nothing flew out!).  Michael closed it but not far down the road it popped open again!  We pulled over and Michael closed it again, giving a couple of GOOD whacks this time and that seemed to take care of the problem.  (It did pop open one more time, much further down the road.)
I decided to take Michael up on his offer to have me drive.  So about 10 miles before Corsicana I took over.  Driving through both Corsicana and Waco and then pulling into HEB to fill up with fuel ($2.39 per gallon)!

Fill ‘er up!!

After filling up with fuel, I maneuvered the truck and coach into the HEB parking lot and went inside the coach to make us a couple of sandwiches which we enjoyed from the comfort of the cab of the truck.

It took everything I had to keep from going into HEB to check out their deals but eventually we looked it up online and found it was something we could live without.  Gosh, I’ve missed HEB!!
I ended up driving through Temple (that was a bit scary…lots of tight construction!), Austin and New Braunfels where I pulled into the Buc-ees to use the restroom and grabbed a couple of jalapeno and cheese sausage kolaches for a snack.
We had less than 50 miles to go at that point but I was ready to be done so let Michael take over.  He tried encouraging me to drive the rest of the way…but I just wanted to be done.  LOL  I had driven 212 miles of the 319 we had to drive…I think I did my share!
We pulled into the Braunig Lake RV Park in Elmendorf about 4:15 pm and found that there were already six rigs here that came from the rally in Tyler (we left before everyone, I think!)  LOL  Plus, we had one pull in about 45 minutes after us.  So we currently have 8 rigs here and are expecting about 15 more over the rest of the week.

Tight spaces! Thank goodness we like our neighbors, Lin & Debbie! LOL

We were escorted to our site (site F26) and got parked easily enough, even though the sites are pretty darn tight.  Michael got the satellite dish set up in record time today…thank goodness, cuz it was HOT out there!  We are here for one week…for our very first Heartland Owners Club rally as the south Texas chapter leaders.  Let’s pray we don’t kill each other before the end of the week.

About 5:15 pm we joined a few other couples and went over to the rally hall, where the park was selling burgers, chips, watermelon and a drink for $5.00.  Not bad and for a travel day….very much welcomed.
After dinner we took a walk and stopped at each of the coaches that are already here and dropped off an agenda and the t-shirts that everyone had ordered.  The mosquito’s are pretty active and we didn’t waste any time outside as we were getting eaten alive!
Back home we did a little work for the rally and visited with Jay for a while when he stopped by to see if we were interested in riding along with them tomorrow as they drive to Belleville to renew their license plates.  We agreed…so we’ll be hitting the road about 9:00 am for the roughly 300 mile round trip!


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  1. Marcie Warren

    I enjoy reading your post.Gives me ideas on Traveling.

    • Kelly

      Do you have an RV, Marcie? Don’t let the dust settle too long…just get out there and do it and enjoy!

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