First Monday & Family

Posted by on September 29, 2017

Since we were in the area and it had been almost five years since we visited First Monday in Canton, TX we decided to take the day and wander the grounds.


The First Monday grounds is 100 acres and has space for 6,000 vendors.  First Monday is a huge flea market of sorts…but it doesn’t just have used goods.  A good portion of the space is covered…in big huge buildings that can feel like they go on for miles.  LOL  There is also plenty of vendor space outside too.

You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for (or NOT looking for!) dog beds, boats, jewelry, clothing, toys, hair accessories, furniture, antiques, shoes, socks, books, etc.


We spent about 3 hours in the  morning wandering from building to building before we headed over to Chen’s Buffet a couple of miles away to meet Michael’s cousin, Jeannie, for lunch.  Jeannie is and RN and happened to have the day off so it worked out great that she could spend some time with us.

It had been a couple of years since we’d been able to spend time together so we had quite a bit of catching up to do…but we did a pretty good job of it.

After lunch we went back over to the First Monday grounds and continued where we’d left off…after getting a map of the grounds so that we could have a better idea of where we were and where we wanted to go.

…even outdoor shoppin’!

We spent another three hours wandering around in the heat but we got a TON of Christmas shopping out of the way for our sons and their families.  We found so many fun things that I’m excited to watch them open their gifts at Christmas!

We spent roughly 6 hours at First Monday and walked 6+ miles…and our bodies knew it!  We were hot, tired, sore and achy!  But it was good as we’ve been much to sedentary lately.

We left the First Monday grounds about 4:30 pm and headed to Soulman’s BBQ to meet Michael’s Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Frances (Jeannie’s parents) for dinner.  We were meeting them until 5:30 pm and we arrived about 5:00 pm…which was time as it gave us time to sit in the truck, cool off and rest our weary bodies a bit before they arrived about 20 minutes later.


We had an excellent BBQ dinner (ribs for me, brisket sandwich and brisket street taco for Michael).  My ribs we so much better than the disappointing ones I had last week at Earl’s Rib Palace in Oklahoma City.  Uncle Kenneth had talked about the place and how good it was for a couple of years so we were glad we finally got a chance to check it out.

Michael and his precious aunt and uncle

We visited over dinner and for several hours after dinner.  We are so happy that we have been blessed with the life we’ve been given that gives us the opportunity to spend time with family (and friends) when we are in their area.  If it weren’t for this lifestyle, I know we wouldn’t be able to see our family members as often as we do.

We got home about 8:30 pm and I immediately went to work putting together a French Toast Casserole for Friday morning’s Breakfast Extravaganza.  Its pretty easy to put together but then needs to sit in the fridge overnight.

After assembling the casserole and placing it in the fridge we settled into our recliners to watch a little TV before heading to bed.  We were both exhausted so sleep came quickly!





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  1. Judy Winkle

    Love Canton First Monday!

    • Kelly

      Hi Judy! Me too! So much to see…tons of exercise…people watching…yummy treats! What’s not to love!?!?

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