Travel Day: Oklahoma City, OK To Tyler, TX

Posted by on September 25, 2017

Time to hit the road…Mike in blue and Dave in orange…plus Dean was on the other side of our Landmark getting ready to hit the road too.

We and about five other couples were due to head 290 miles south to Tyler, Texas today.  We planned to leave about 9:00 am and it sounded like several others did too.

After saying “goodbye’, ‘see ya soon’, or ‘catch ya down the road’ we pulled out of the Roadrunner RV Park at 8:54 am.

The RV park is super convenient to I-35 so we were headed south less than 5 minutes after leaving the park.  Traffic was flowing quite swiftly so it didn’t take long before we were out of the OKC (and surrounding areas) hubbub.

There goes Mike and Peg!

Since we had several rigs headed to our same destination and we all left at different times (but fairly close together) we figured we’d run into somebody on the road.  Sure enough about 45 minutes down the road, we passed Mike and Peg in their Big Horn.

Jay couldn’t sneak up on anyone if his life depended on it!

We stopped for a potty break at a rest area a little over any hour down the road. Just as we were fixin’ to pull out some butthead pulled up beside us, blew his incredibly loud train horn and scared me half to death!  Of course, that butthead was none other than our buddies, Jay and Stella!  After a few choice words, I handed them our Lum and Abner cds to listen to, and we headed our separate ways.

…and there goes Dave & Nancy!

After another 40 minutes or so we passed Dave and Nancy in their Big Horn which was a surprise as they left after us and were going to take a different route.  We later found out that they took an exit not long after we saw them and then they took US 69 south.

Kelly’s Kitchen

We ended up stopping at Kelly’s Kitchen about 12:40 pm…and it wasn’t a minute too soon as I had to go potty so bad that every bump in the road was pure agony.

Kelly’s Kitchen was located in a Walmart parking lot just off of US 80 on the North side of Mesquite.
We relaxed in our recliners, enjoying the air conditioning (91 degrees outside) for about an hour before we got back on the road.

Ho hum…Wilbear kept us company anyway

We had just 79 miles left to travel but about 30 miles down the road we hit some backed up traffic on I-20.  There was some construction going on that took the two eastbound lanes down to one lane and then it seems there was an accident to deal with too…but on the other side of the interstate.  Gawkers on our side of the road slowing down to see what they could see??  Anyway, it took us about 30 minutes to pass the construction slow down which was only about five miles long.

Two miles before we arrived at the Tyler Oaks RV Park we pulled to the side of the road so that Michael could open the auxiliary fuel tank as the truck fuel gauge was showing that we only had 3 miles of fuel left!  LOL  Oops…nothing like letting it run low.
As we pulled over Terry and Carol passed us by pulling their Landmark and ended up making it to the park before we did.  We ended up pulling into the park about 3:30 pm, checked in with the office and then headed over to site 95…our home for the next week.
Lin & Debbie, Jay & Stella, Joe & Anne and Terry and Carol all made it before we did and were either set up already or still in the process of get settled in.  As we were backing into our site we saw that Mike & Peg were pulling into the park.  I think that is everyone that is arriving today…but there will be a big influx on Wednesday.  Looks like we’re expecting about 30 rigs at this rally, where we had about just 18 rigs in Oklahoma.

Tyler Oaks RV Park, site 95…here for 1 week.

It was HOT (93 degrees) when we arrived so Michael did his outside work in spurts.  After getting unhitched he plugged in the electric and hooked up the sewer and then came in to cool down a bit.  But with the inside temp at 88 it wasn’t easy!  Although we had both air conditioners running as well has a tower fan blowing on us so that helped some.

After cooling down some he went back out and started working on setting up the satellite dish.  It took him almost 2 hours to get the dang thing to come in properly.  Most of the time he has no problem at all but every once in a while the stars don’t align right and he has to fiddle with it forever.  For some reason Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel (channel 565) refused to come in…worked fine yesterday…even have a movie that recorded on it yesterday but today…notta.  Oh well…the new season of TV starts tonight so I probably wouldn’t be recording many movies from that channel right now anyway.
I made an easy peasy dinner in the air fryer….frozen fish, shrimp, hushpuppies & french fries.  Side dishes were pretty easy too…leftover potato salad from Saturday’s potluck and broccoli slaw that Flora gave us that she had leftover from the potluck too!
Most of the Heartlanders that are already here gathered out behind our coach (in between Mike & Peg and Lin & Debbie) for a while but we opted to stay in.  Michael’s stomach has been bothering him and I had a headache so we just watched a bit of TV before retiring early.


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