Wrapping Up the Oklahoma Chapter Rally

Posted by on September 24, 2017

Saturday was a pretty quiet day for us as we didn’t do a whole lot. We stayed at the park, hung out inside as it’s been so darn hot here.

Michael started washing the ‘love bugs’ off the front cap on Thursday and then waxed it on Saturday.   I did some laundry and made some Instant Pot Potato Salad for our potluck dinner.

Rex, Stacy & Larry with the glorious fried catfish!

Shortly after 5:00 pm we headed over to the rally hall to visit for a bit before dinner.  Rex fried catfish, fries & hushpuppies in a big old fryer outside.  Larry O was Rex’s assistant and did much of the running back and forth bringing food in as it was ready.  The park’s kitchen has two big warming drawers, which was really nice.

Hmmm…interesting that Gus & Bob are the first in line!??!

While the club provided the ‘main attraction’ the rest of us brought sides to accompany the meal and those included cole slaw, corn casserole, potato salad, broccoli salad, cauliflower & broccoli salad, baked beans, cheese & sausage platter, etc.  Dessert offerings were banana pudding, a sopapilla dessert and a couple of other things that I didn’t try.

As usual everything was really, really good…but the catfish…wow…that was out of this world….and I’m not a big catfish fan….so that says a LOT.   And the sopapilla dessert…yum.  Gonna have to talk to Peg and get that recipe!

I missed the ‘really’ good reactions Dean & Don had…but this will do

After dinner fifteen or so of us hung around to play Cards Against Humanity.  Most players were returning from Thursday nights game but we did have a few that had never played before and it was funny to watch the reactions of some of them as the ‘naughty’ answers were read.

We played until about 9:30 pm or so and then headed home for the night, relaxing for a little while before heading to bed.

Saying ‘goodbye’ to friends…but not for long as most everyone is going to the next rally in Tyler, TX!

Sunday morning we decided to move our hineys a bit quicker so that we could join everyone up at the rally hall for coffee and Danish.  We got there just after 8:00 am and there was no one there!  LOL  The coffee had been started but that was it.

We each grabbed a Danish and sat down and it wasn’t long before Lin arrived…and then Nancy…then Corbin…then Dave…and a few others came and went.  We said our goodbyes to those that were leaving today (Bob, Don & Vicky and a few others) and ended up visiting until nearly 10:00 am before we headed home to get a few tasks done for tomorrow’s travel day.

Small gathering before dinner

Late in the afternoon we joined several people who’d set up chairs in our back yard and visited for about 45 minutes before it was time to line up to caravan to dinner.

For dinner twelve of us that were still at Roadrunner RV Park got together and went to Earl’s Rib Palace for dinner.  Several of us ordered the ribs and found them to be pretty tough and not flavored very well.  Michael ordered his mainstay (brisket) and it was pretty good.  I also ordered an ‘add on’ of jalapeno sausage which was really good.

Dinner for Twelve

We visited over our dinners for a little more than an hour before we all headed out, with some of us stopping to run errands on the way back to the park.  We made quick stops at Home Depot for a milk crate and at Walmart for a couple of items that I’ll need for next Saturday’s potluck, plus milk & eggs.

When we got home there were several people who had set up chairs again and after putting our few items away we pulled our chairs out and visited for an hour or so before we headed in.  Michael’s been having some stomach issues for the past couple of weeks (he had his gallbladder out in 2008) and it was acting up quite a bit so he went in so he could stretch out and I followed shortly after to check on him.


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