First Official Rally Day

Posted by on September 22, 2017

Spectator Sport??

Today was the first ‘official’ day of the Oklahoma Chapter rally here in Oklahoma City.  We kinda stayed in the house in the morning (it’s flippin’ HOT out there!) but Michael did go out and join a small crowd gathered over at Jay & Stella’s to watch two guys install new springs on their coach.

Stella noticed something hanging under the coach when they got here on Monday and Jay found that two of the springs on one of their axles were broken.  Thankfully, Ron from Performance Trailer Braking is here too and he got a couple of guys to get the parts needed and also to install them for Jay.

The job took a little longer than expected as this was the first time these guys had done this type of job but it got done and Jay and Stella can safely drive down the road.

Lots of Love in this room.

At 2:00 pm we had a Meet & Greet at the clubhouse.  Everyone just kinda hung out and visited.  The club provided cookies and tea so we nibbled on those too.

Ron had a short seminar about ways to spread the word about disc brakes for trailers at 4:00 pm and most people hung around for that too.  Now need for an actual seminar as most of the rigs here at this rally already have them installed.  I decided to head home for a while as I’d offered to grill some hot dogs for Rex, the Chapter Leader.

Gotta love a good hot dog…with ketchup ONLY, of course!

I got the grill going about 5:00 pm and threw the hot dogs on.  We  had 72 hot dogs to cook between Nancy and I.  It’s so windy here that I had a tough time keeping the grill hot enough but eventually we got them all cooked.  When they were all finally ready I covered ’em with foil and took ’em over to the club house where we were all meeting for a hot dog dinner.  We had chili, condiments and chips to go with them and it was a nice way to share a dinner with the club.

We had some terrible cards!

After dinner about 18 or so stayed behind to play Cards Against Humanity (or just watch).   This game is definitely not for the faint of heart…or prudes…or someone with no sense of humor.  If ever asked to play go with an open mind and perhaps a couple of bottles of win…in you!  LOL

We split up into three groups of four and then had three judges plus Stacy and Rex were the Emcee & ‘Vanna’.  We ended up playing three games (they lasted about half and hour or so) and had a lot of laughs.

We were home about 8:30 or so and had time to watch the final episode of MasterChef (our favorite won!) before calling it a day.


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  1. Donna Rogers

    Mustard, Kelly. Or chili but not ketchup!

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