Crafts, Steaks & Trains

Posted by on September 22, 2017

Hard at work…

This morning Barbara W. led about ten ladies in a craft.  We were asked to bring a t-shirt that we didn’t mind cutting up but the actual craft was kept a mystery until we got to the rally hall.

We ended up making a tote bag from the shirts.  Much like the ‘tie’ blankets that were a big craze a while back.  All we had to do was cut and tie….so easy that even I was able to handle it!

Beautiful ladies modeling their new tote bags

It was a lot of fun and I think we all enjoyed it, especially spend time chatting, telling stories and laughing as we worked.

While we were working a small group of men-folk went to the 45th Infantry Division Museum and were gone for a couple of hours before returning to the RV park.

At 4:30 pm a large group lined up to caravan over to Cattlemen’s Steakhouse for dinner.  We went to Cattlemen’s three years ago with Joe & Anne M and really enjoyed our meals so we were really looking forward to tonight’s dinner.

We had 31 for dinner and had to wait about 25 minutes or so before our tables were ready.  We waited outside and chatted so the time passed fairly quickly.

The gang’s all here!

This visit Michael ordered the same thing he had last time – a filet…which came with a baked potato and a salad with their house dressing.  I went with the prime rib this time…it was one of the specials and I don’t get it very often.   I also got a baked potato and salad with the house dressing.  Everything, just as last time, was very good.  My prime rib was so big I brought enough home for another meal.

Our waitress did an excellent job of keeping everything straight, making sure drinks were refilled, bills went to the right people, etc.  Absolutely excellent service.  And with a full house and people waiting for tables to boot!

I went out once…go me!

Fifteen or so of us got together in the rally hall when we got back from the restaurant to play Mexican Train.  We had two tables going.  We play a very friendly game, no score taken, not slapped fingers if you play wrong…just good old-fashioned fun.

Michael and I played until 10:00 pm or so and then called it a day.  The others were going to play one more round and then finish up too…whether or not that actually happened…I don’t know.

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