Braum’s Factory Tour…Yum!

Posted by on September 20, 2017

Meet Gus, Romeo and Juliet…Gus is the human.

First thing Tuesday morning we had a knock at the door and our friend Gus F and his pups (Romeo & Juliet) were there.  This was actually the first time we’d met Gus in person…although we’ve been friends on Facebook for several years.  Sure was nice to meet in person!  We chatted for a while before Romeo and Juliet decided it was time to continue their walk.

Meet Orville…he’s telling stories, can you tell?

A little later in the morning our friend Orville stopped by and we had a good time catching up with him and exchanging travel and military stories.

Early in the afternoon we headed out to the AMC theater just down the road from the RV park.  This was not the nicest theater we’ve been to over the summer by any means.  Even though the theater had only opened for the day there was spilled soda, salt, butter and who knows what other nastiness on the counters.  The soda machine hadn’t been cleaned for a while and the floors by the snack bar were ridiculously sticky!  Yuck.

This weeks movie was American Assassin.  Not much to really say about the movie.  It was just ‘ok’.  It wasn’t bad but it just didn’t do much for either of us.  I’d venture to say it was my least favorite of the summer…even behind Annabelle:  Creation.  (Now that’s saying something since I watched Annabelle from inside my shirt!)  Michael says it left him wanting more.

While we were out it seems that the electricity went out a couple of times and then once we were home it went out again and that is because they were replacing a transformer that burned up.  Once the new transformer was replaced we haven’t had anymore issues…lets hope it stays that was as the temperature has been in the 90s and no air conditioning isn’t fun!

We chatted with a small group of rally-goers next door for a short while in the early evening while the power was out.  There must have been a bunch of bugs out as I am covered in bites on my legs.  A small group went out to Furr’s for dinner but we decided to stay home and have something light.

Today’s touring crew

Wednesday morning at 7:45 am our ‘car’ came ’round for us and it was driven by none other than our friend Gus!  Gus and his wife Debra decided to join us on a tour of the Braum’s Factory in Tuttle.  It was about a 45 minute drive and we were lucky enough not to hit any of the morning rush hour traffic.

All of those little white things on the ground?? Baby cow houses! Tons and Tons of them!

The factory is on the family farm which is 10,000 acres in size!  They have 10,000 cows and there are FORTY calves born every day!  Can you believe that!?!  (Scott, dontcha wish you had that many to deal with?!?!)

Our tour started with a 15 minute informational video that covered pretty much every aspect of Braum’s…from the farm, care of the cows, milking process, packaging, delivery, etc.  However, Braum’s isn’t all about dairy…they also have their very own bakery on premises

Braum’s is a relatively small business so you won’t find their products in grocery stores.  Their products are sold exclusively in their Braum’s stores and those Braum’s stores are located in five states within 300 miles of their factory for freshness.

The cow shuttle bus…it MOOS the whole time you’re in it! LOL

The business dates back to 1957 although the first actual Braum’s store was opened in 1968 and today they have over 130 flavors of ice cream, yogurt and sherbet.  Not only does Braum’s make ice cream, yogurt and sherbet…they also make milk (duh), cottage cheese, sour cream, brownies, cookies, bread, burger buns, cheese, etc.

Our tour guide was very friendly and after having us board a cow-colored shuttle bus she took us on what amounted to a nearly 90 minute tour of the bakery and dairy factories where we were able to watch from above as employees made ice cream cones, burger buns, cottage cheese, milk and an ice cream sundae cone novelty treat.

It was an awesome tour – very informative and very interesting.  Definitely one of our favorites to this point.

Ice cream bars make us very happy!

When we got back to where we started the tour we were each given an ice cream bar (ice cream or frozen yogurt) to sample and then if that wasn’t enough…each group was given a dozen of their chocolate chip cookies to share.

…and cookies make us even happier!

It was nearly lunch time when our tour ended so we decided we had to go to a Braum’s Store for lunch. Gus & Debra have family in the area so they’re old pros at the whole Braum’s thing…but we’ve never been so it was a real treat for us.

Because the stores are so near to the factory the food is very fresh…hamburger buns are something like 36 hours old when they hit the stores…same thing with the dairy products.  The milk was inside of the cow 36 hours prior to hitting the store!  That’s crazy!

Michael had a burger and really enjoyed it…I’ll have to have one the next time we go.  We had great conversation while we enjoyed our lunch and then even did a little shopping; picking up some ranch dip and yogurt to try.

The grocery portion of the Braum’s Store

The Braum’s stores are kind of a 3 in 1 thing.  There’s a small store which has milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, bacon, sausage, etc.  There there’s the fast food restaurant that offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, etc.  Lastly, there’s the ice cream parlor.  Michael and I didn’t visit the ice cream store today since we’d had the ice cream bars at the factory…next time!

While we were out with Gus & Debra another slightly larger group of 14 or so headed into Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.  We visited in 2014…three years ago TODAY!  It’s a very sobering experience and since we’d already been we decided not to go again today.  You can read about that visit HERE.

Ron, Mike & Dave putting their heads together

Michael is always eager to  learn more when it comes to the RV or anything revolving around it so this afternoon when he noticed that Ron from Performance Trailer Braking was next door troubleshooting an issue for Dave S. he went over to see what he could learn.  Sounds like Ron figured out what the issue was and will be helping Dave get it resolved.  This kind of thing is not unusual at a rally…there’s normally some kind of something going on that draws a bunch of guys around a rig or truck.

Just a few of the folks sittin’ round tellin’ stories tonight

After dinner we went out for a walk to see who was out and found no one until we got back to our rig and there were the Seaboldt’s and Coffman’s sitting right behind our rig!  Surprised we didn’t hear chatting out there.

A few of the pups that stopped by for some lovin’

We got our chairs and joined the pow wow and had several other join us after a while.

We also had a LOT of puppy dogs and their owners stop by to chat too.  We hung outside for a couple of hours before we all headed inside for the night.  Just think…we get to spend the next 3 weeks with these people!




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  1. Cheri Peine

    Wish we had more time to spend here in OK City… much to see and do. A return trip is a must. BTW, finally made hard boiled eggs in the Instant yesterday with the recipe from Kelly’s Kitchen….perfect! Will never make them any other way. I love that Instanpot more everyone I use it!!

    • Kelly

      So glad we got to spend some more time together….but not enough! I’m looking forward to the next time our paths meet.

      Glad you enjoyed the hard-boiled eggs…they’re the best!

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