Travel Day: Mt. Ida, AR To Oklahoma City, OK

Posted by on September 18, 2017

Our goal was to pull out of our site about 8:30 am and we ended up pulling out before 8:30.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze but Mikey did an excellent job and we came out unscathed.

Next was dealing with the awkward dump station that’s on the opposite side of the road from where most campers will need it and not really designed for a 40 foot 6 inch coach.  But, once again we persevered and got the job done and pulled out onto the highway about 8:50 am.

Nice scenic drive for the first part of our drive

Our route took us along US 270 and then US 71 pretty much to Ft. Smith. It was a pretty drive filled with winding roads, hills, leaves beginning to change color, cows and hay.  We know how much I enjoy cows and hay!  So for me it was a good route!

Pretty much the extent of our rain

We got a little sprinkling of rain as we were passing through Fort Smith but it was about 137 sprinkles and it was over before it began.  We’d heard that it was raining in Oklahoma City where we were headed but by the time we arrived it was bright and sunny with no rain in sight.

Even though I had prepared our lunches yesterday we decided to skip Kelly’s Kitchen and stop at the Wendy’s just before we got onto I-40.  We must have been excited to get to today’s destination as we only stopped for about 45 minutes before we were back on the road.
We only had about 175 miles left after lunch…all of it being on I-40.  The drive along I-40 was pretty uneventful.  We stopped once to use the bathroom at a gas station and found that they were selling Tillamook Country Smoker jerky so we got a couple of pieces to snack on.
We pulled into the Roadrunner RV Park on the south side of Oklahoma City about 3:15 pm and as we walked in to the office our friend Bob C was there to greet us.  I got a nice big hug and we chatted a bit before it was our turn to check in.

Site 120, Roadrunner RV Park

We were assigned site 120 and we found our way easily enough.  We’re in a pull through site which makes set up really easy.  Pull in, park, unhitch, level, put the slides out…done!  LOL

This park was hit by a tornado in 2015 (yikes!) and from what I understand a lot of damage was done. Since the tornado they’ve added on and we are in the ‘new’ section.  Sounds like the majority of the rally-goers will be in the new section with a few stuck over in the ‘old’ section.
We are here for the Oklahoma Chapter, Heartland Owners Club rally so we’re excited to spend time with friends and make some new ones too!  We are here for one week and then we move south to Tyler, Texas where we’ll attend the North Texas Chapter, Heartland Owners Club rally!  And if that’s not enough…from there we’ll move to Braunig Lake, Texas (just south of San Antonio) for the South Texas Chapter, Heartland Owners Club rally (which is OUR chapter and we’re hosting the rally…Yikes!)
I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need a vacation by the end of these upcoming three weeks!  LOL

Terry, Ron & Michael

We had a quick dinner and then went out visiting.  We visited with Ron Russell (The Titan Guy) who will be doing a short presentation and is parked kitty corner from us.  While we visited with him Terry H. stopped by and we chatted with him for a while.

Spending time with some our favorite people is what these rally’s are all about!

After leaving Ron’s we went over to say hi to Jay and Stella who arrived while we were visiting with Ron. When we got to Jay and Stella’s place Bob C was there so we chatted with him until he went on his way.  Then it was just Jay & Stella and us…when we finally decided it was time to go home it was 10:00 pm!

Well have more rally-goers arriving tomorrow and throughout the remainder of the week as well.  So looking forward to time with our friends!
Before I forget…we have not had ANY leaks from the underbelly with the installation of the new grey tank.  Woohoo!  Plus, the Anderson valve that Michael installed in the UDC seems to be working well too! Keep saying those prayers!


4 Responses to Travel Day: Mt. Ida, AR To Oklahoma City, OK

  1. Marcie Warren

    Love your adventures. I think I would like to do that one day. Sounds like fun.

    • Kelly

      Hi Marcie! I’m so glad you’re following our blog and glad that we’re able to entertain you! LOL Maybe next time we’re in the area we’ll have to get together so we can get to know each other better!

  2. Donna Rogers

    Shhhh. The underbelly and valve will hear you.

    • Kelly

      LOL! Please….no….we’ve had enough water issues someone has to take mercy on us!

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