Indians and Watermelon

Posted by on September 17, 2017

On our way to Mike’s mom’s house (one of many routes we’ve taken between our place and hers) we pass through the itty bitty town of Caddo Gap.  Caddo Gap has a population of less than 100 and is easily missed if you blink while driving down highway 8 between Norman and Glenwood.

Caddo Indian Monument

At the crossroads of Vaught Street, 6th Street and Indian Valley Road in this tiny little town sits an Indian monument honoring the Caddo Indians who had settlements scattered throughout this area, northeastern Texas and northwestern Louisiana.  The nearby Caddo Rivers, the town of Caddo Gap and Caddo Hills Schools were named for these native American people.

It’s an interesting bit of American history that is hidden within in this sleepy little town.  That’s my kind of sight-seeing!
Hope, Arkansas (south of where we are) claims to be the watermelon capital of the world…so we’ve been hunting for a produce stand since we crossed into Arkansas on September 5th.  We saw a few, but either weren’t able to stop or went back and it was gone.
I even went as far as asking friends/family on Facebook if they knew of a stand in our area…nothing panned out.

Thar’ she blows!

Wednesday we picked up some groceries in Hot Springs and gave up and purchased a watermelon there.  I told Michael, ‘Just wait…now we’ll find a produce stand.’

Of course….the very next day as we drove into Glenwood…there was a produce stand…with watermelons!  Even though we already had a watermelon at home we couldn’t pass these up. Though they weren’t from Hope…they are locally (Arkansas) grown.   We also ended up with some muscadine grapes, peaches, tomatoes and plums.  Yum!


We spent Wednesday afternoon with Mike’s oldest brother, Eddie, and his wife, Val.  They have limited chance to get out of the house so we took them into Hot Springs to do some shopping and have lunch.


Eddie and Val treated us to lunch at Smokin’ in Style BBQ.  Portions were large and food was good….but not great. Michael’s brisket was on the dry side but had good flavor.  I had chicken nachos, which we’re good but I’d have liked the chicken to have more of a smokey flavor.

Even the smallest project makes him happy.

Nearly every visit we make to Michael’s mom’s home he finds some kind of project to work on.  This time was no different…however the project was a very small one.  He just needed to work on a shed security bar that is used to secure doors on sheds of every kind.  He got the job done in no time and Alice is happy with the outcome.

Movie Time!

This week’s ‘movie of the week’ was Atomic Blonde.  We went to the AMC theater in Hot Springs and I’m not sure we’ve ever been in a smaller theater…just 8 rows!  There was only one other person in the theater with us so it was pretty quiet!  LOL

The movie was good…kept my interest the whole time but I had a hard time following at times and the ending kinda left me wondering but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
While we were in town we also stopped at a car wash to get the truck washed as it was looking pretty nasty!  Of course, having a dually is a bit of a drawback with automated car washes but this place will wash by hand too.  For $20 we got the truck hand washed and dried and it looks MUCH better than it did.
 Friday we hung out and home and even had a fire that evening….even though it was still almost 90 degrees outside! The weather has been gorgeous since we’ve been in Arkansas…highs in the high 70s to low 80s with lows in the 50s and 60s.  However, that all changed in the last few days where we’ve been getting highs up into the 90s.

We’ve found that some of the best food comes from places like this

Saturday we spent our last day visiting with Alice.  We left home about 8:30 am, stopped in Mt. Ida for breakfast at the Mt. Ida Cafe and then headed to Alice’s for the day.  We both got the daily special – 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, 2 biscuits & fried potatoes for $7.99.  We also got some gravy to go with the biscuits.  Great price for a LOT of tasty food.  We’d go back.

Alice’s friend, Connie, is a beautician and has a small shop next to her home.  Alice had an appointment and I asked if she could squeeze me in too…and she could!  I just needed a trim, some layers and a little thinning.  Connie’s very thorough and did a nice job.  She said she cut about 2.5 inches off the length but I’m pretty sure it ended up being quite a bit more than that.  Oh well…I’m set for quite a while now!

Until next time, Mama!

Michael and I cooked an early dinner for Alice and Allicia (granddaughter) – grilled pork tenderloin, ramen and green beans.  Nothing special but it hit the spot and was easy.

About 6:00 pm we said our goodbyes, stopping next door to say goodbye to Michael’s brother, Eddie, too.  The current plan is to be back in mid-April for a while before heading to the Branson rally.  But…plans change and it could be sooner…who knows?!

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  1. Vicki Richter

    I agree, it looks like you had quite a but more hair cut off than 2.5 inches! But it still looks good! Your hair is like mine, it will grow back quickly.

    • Kelly

      Yeah…I’m thinking it’s closer to 3 or 4 inches…my ponytail is quite a bit shorter…but’ll grow back.

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