Lots of Visiting & a Class Get Together

Posted by on September 12, 2017

Saturday 9/9

We spent the afternoon visiting with Alice at her home.  Michael’s oldest brother, Eddie, and his wife, Val, came over for a short while to visit.  The boys behaved themselves and left politics, religion and any other taboo subject off the table and actually had a very nice visit!

The whole…

Michael put together a get together for his 1982 Caddo Hills High School classmates (and their families) in the evening.   We all got together at the Fish Nest in Glenwood.  They had a very small class of  about 30 and  they 9 were able to make it to this get together (I’m told that this was kind of their ‘clique’.  Several of them even brought their kids or grandkids.

We had a really nice time.  These people are all very welcoming and even though I didn’t go to school with them I’ve been made to feel very welcome.

…and just class of 1982 alumni

The majority of us got the buffet (catfish, clams, shrimp, crab cakes, frog legs, chicken, BBQ pork etc) and a few ordered off the menu.  The food at the Fish Nest is always very good so that’s never an issue.

We’d done something similar back in May of 2014 and they had 9 make it that time too.  You can read about that HERE.

On the way home we made a quick stop at Brock and Tammy’s to pick up some firewood that Brock had offered.  It was also a good time to exchange some goodies.  It’s kind of become a tradition.  LOL  Brock makes delicious jams, jellies, pork sausage etc and always gifts us with some.  We’ve taken to bringing them goodies from our travels.  This time it was Amish noodles, Amish peanut butter, Amish corn cob jelly, Amish corn nuts and yummy Klements sausage from Wisconsin!

Sunday 9/10

We really have a gorgeous view here at Denby Point

A nice, quiet day spent at home.  We spent the majority of the day in our recliners watching TV and surfing the internet.

Our long time friend, Cherie, came by in the afternoon and we spent several hours chatting, catching up and laughing.

Monday 9/11

We were back at Alice’s in the late morning to spend some more time with her.  Then mid-afternoon we headed into Hot Springs and took Alice to the World Buffet Chinese restaurant.  It’s one of her favorites…and mine too!  We had a nice meal while chatting and relaxing.

After driving the 30 or so miles back to Alice’s we hung around for a short while before heading out for the trek home.  We left about 6:00 pm and got home about 7:00 pm…no driving in the dark tonight!


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  1. Debby (Keltz) Terry

    Awesome time with wonderful friends! Made a smile on my face… TY you guys!!!! ❤️🤗

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