What a Day! Yuck!

Posted by on September 8, 2017

Little Rock AFB Commissary

The day started out nicely…and then took turn and crashed and burned!  Not a day either of us want to repeat anytime soon.

We went to the commissary on Little Rock Air Force Base…about 13 or so miles Northwest of Camp Robinson this morning and then took them home, dropped em off and headed back out so that we could go to the movie of the week.

Nice comfy recliners to relax in while watching the movie

This week’s movie was Wind River, kind of a murder mystery.  We enjoyed the movie but it caused a lot of conversation on the way home as we saw a lot of flaws in the story line.  I’m not sure we’ve ever discussed a movie for that long…which actually makes the movie that much better, I guess.

We got home about 3:45 and before we got out of the truck the lodging assistant manager drove up and informed us that we could no longer stay where we were.
It seems that some Lieutenant Colonel decided that a couple of nights was ok..but not the eight that we’d made our reservation for.
We were expected to move to the site that they had originally assigned us to (which was now vacant) tomorrow morning.  However, he knew, good & well, we were to big for the space.
**Just a little note here.  When I made the reservation they didn’t take our contact information OR any information pertaining to the size of the rig…length, number of slides etc.  What kind of campground does that??!  Unless all of your spaces are 100 feet long…which theirs are NOT.
So we went in the house and immediately went to work figuring out our plan of action.  With Michael’s newly acquired America the Beautiful Access Pass we knew we could get into a Corps of Engineer parks for half price so we started searching closer to Mike’s mom in Glenwood.
We found a park, Denby Point, near Mt. Ida, which would put us between Glenwood and our next destination, Mena.
At 4:05 we both went to work packing up and stowing for travel.  We decided we just wanted to leave now rather than tomorrow.  With tomorrow being Friday sites could go quickly, as reservations have to be made at least 3 days in advance…so we’d be taking our chance on a first come, first serve site.
We pulled off post at 4:35 and drove the 90 miles to the campground.  We got a little rush hour traffic as we passed through Little Rock but it wasn’t too bad.
We arrived at the campground about 6:30.  We were given a map and told to go find a site, set up and come back and pay.  The woman mentioned that sites 6 and 42 were on the water and were nice sites. So off we went.
We checked out site 6 first and found a car parked in the site.  Thinking it belonged to the people next door Michael got out and checked it out.  A woman walked up from off somewhere and said it was hers and that this was her site.  She’d just been sent there by the same lady we were.  Nice.
Off we went to the other area of the campground where we’d been directed.  There were a couple of sites along the water and we choose to site 43.  It was a back in and we had to do a LOT of maneuvering to get backed in to it…but after much fussing and complaining we did.
Michael headed up to pay for the site while I stayed home to set up the inside of the house.  As I was putting things in place Michael called to say that the site was reserved.  UGH! Wonderful!
The woman at the gate house never said anything about keeping an eye out for reserved signs and we never saw anything as the reserved sign is on the bottom of the post.  Who looks at the bottom of a post?? Plus it was starting to get dark, which didn’t help.

Denby Point COE park, site 42

The site isn’t reserved until Saturday so we paid for Thursday night and Friday morning we moved to a new site.  It took so us nearly 1.5 hours to get moved to a new site….right next to the original site.  There was much maneuvering back and forth, stopping, checking for trees, talking with the ranger, etc etc etc….but we are now set up in site 42 for the next 10 nights.

We decided to cancel our reservation at a campground in Boardcamp (5 nights) and stay here the entire time.  We’ll just drive to that area to see the things Michael wants to see.
By staying here we’re saving roughly $150.00 over the 2 weeks that we are in Arkansas.  Plus, we’re in a nice campground with a beautiful view of Lake Ouachita.
We drove over to Mike’s mom’s in the afternoon to spend a couple of hours visiting and left about 7:00 and stopped at Bubba Brews on the way home to grab some dinner…a Philly for Michael and chicken fried steak for me.
So after a trying Thursday, Friday has been a brighter day.

3 Responses to What a Day! Yuck!

  1. Dorothy van Opstal

    I am glad to hear things are settled down for you now. We have had similiar experiences, all due to the workers doing half-job. It sounds like, after all the manuevering, you made out, with saving cash. 😊 Always a good thing!

    • Kelly

      Yes…the move was probably for the best as we’re much closer to Mike’s mom and can visit more often and we’re in a much prettier area. We just won’t be doing a few of the ‘sight-seeing’ things we had planned…but we’ll just do it another time.

  2. John Krussow

    If the lady in site six had not paid for the site I would have paid for it and evicted her. There is no saving of campsites, this not the 4th grade.

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