Travel Day: Scott AFB, IL To Camp Robinson, AR

Posted by on September 6, 2017

Tuesday 9/5/17

About 8:00 pm last night we got a pretty good little rain storm.  It came down pretty hard for quite a while and few times we thought we were getting some hail.  Still not 100% sure it wasn’t just stuff fall off the trees.

My view while Michael dumped the tanks. I think I win!

It rained so heavy that when I pulled in the slides this morning we had huge waterfalls cascade off of the slide toppers!  There was a LOT of water!

Ugh!  A LONG travel day for us today!   Roughly 370 miles from start to finish…more than we care for, for sure, but it really wasn’t far enough to split into 2 days either.

With a long day ahead of us we got pretty much all of our move day chores done yesterday so all we had to do this morning was hitch up, head over to the dump station, drop off the garbage and pull out.

Michael took care of dumping the tanks

Our goal was to pull out of our site about 7:00 am and we ended up pulling out before 7:00 and were leaving the dump station at 7:08 am…not bad, eh?

Just down the road from the FamCamp is a small family cemetery that we’d first seen the day we arrived and decided we needed to check it out before we left.  We’d forgotten about it until this morning as we were passing by.  Michael pulled over on the side of the road and we had a little early morning adventure.

The Perschbacher and Rossell Family Cemtery is small and goes back to 1847.  It sits on a hilltop beneath a big ol’ tree with roughly a dozen graves most of which have lost their markers and been replaced by white wooden crosses.

The grave of Patriarch John Perschbacher

The land where the cemetery sits once belonged to John Perschbacher and his family.  The small cemetery was built on the farm as it was cheaper and also was easier for family members to visit.

The only two graves that still have their tombstones are John and Susan Rossell, the wife of Thomas Rossell.  It’s uncertain the connection between the Perschbacher and Rossell families and why the Rossell family is buried on the Perschbacher land.  Interesting.

Got a pretty cool picture of the Arch from the Busch Stadium area

We pulled out of Scott Air Force Base at 7:31 am and headed west toward St. Louis.  We ended up missing an exit in St. Louis and took a brief tour of downtown St. Louis….right past Busch Stadium.  LOL Heck…what’s a few extra miles when you’re already putting on over 370!?!?

About 100 miles down the road we made a potty stop and found that diesel was $2.28 per gallon so we made sure to fill up both tanks.  We’re hearing of rising fuel prices in Texas and even shortages and outages so we’ll fill up as often as we can when we find good prices.

Kelly’s Kitchen location of the day. How nice is that?

We stopped at the Arkansas Welcome Center to enjoy some lunch.  What a gorgeous day for a picnic! Sunny, light breeze and 72.  Oh yeah!

The special of the day at Kelly’s Kitchen was PB&J and fritos…an old family favorite!  We even topped it off with a frosted sugar cookie for dessert.  Delicious!  🙂

As usual, our stop was about an hour-long and we were back on the road feeling rejuvenated and ready to finish out the remaining 170 miles of our trip.

Nice road with lots of scenery! My favorite!

Between St. Louis and Little Rock we traveled along US 67, which turned out to be a really nice drive.  I got my scenery while Michael got his four lanes for the majority of the drive.

The drive was nice and quiet with little traffic and we moved pretty freely.  After we  hit the Arkansas border we went down to two lanes for a while…but it was still quite enjoyable.  We eventually went back to four lanes for the remainder of the drive.

We arrived at Camp Robinson at 4:08 pm and had no problem finding the gate or getting on post. However, we did have a problem finding the lodging office.  The directions we were given were pretty vague.  We ended up driving out to the campground, as we knew were it was…kind of hoping to find someone who could tell us how to get where we needed to go.  No such luck…but we did notice that it didn’t look like there were no empty sites in the campground.  Hmmmm

As I was on the phone trying to get a hold of the lodging office again (they’re been no answer since we’d arrived on post) and was no on hold a gentleman drove up and offered to show us where the office was…so we followed him.

To make a very long story short…we found out that the people in our site decided to stay another day so our site wouldn’t be available tonight…but it would be tomorrow.

The assistant manager was very apologetic and wanted to right the wrong in any way he could.  He tried to put us in a site of someone who didn’t show this weekend but would be arriving within the next few days…however, when we went to that site someone was in it.  Oops.

While we were there checking that site out Michael and the assistant manager went to look at the site that we were to be assigned…site 8.  Unfortunately, that spot wasn’t big enough to hold us and there were no other sites available.

Our home for the next nights! Site A1 – Camp Robinson Lodging Parking Lot.

One of the options for us when we thought we just needed a place to park overnight was that there was room in the lodging parking lot with 110 power available.  Michael and the assistant manager talked (I stayed in the truck so I didn’t show my attitude, which was not the best at that point) and ended up agreeing that we would just park in the parking lot for out entire stay…free of charge.

So in the end we set up in the parking lot.  The location isn’t as bad as it sounds.  The parking lot is a big square with small lodging buildings (motel-like buildings) on three sides of the square.  There are only about half a dozen people inhabiting those buildings, at this point, it seems.  So it’s actually pretty quiet here.

There are 2 other buildings just like this one on the other 2 sides of the square…and we make up the 4th side of the square.

I have no issue with where we’re parked.  I have no issue with not being hooked up to water or if we can survive 8 days with no sewer.  But…I do have a concern about only having 110 power.  That means no ac…in Arkansas.  Thankfully, right now it’s cool enough…52 when we got up and the windows are all open. Oh well…I guess we’ll see how it goes.  We have a generator and can crank it up if needed to cool off the inside of the coach.

After getting settled into our cozy parking lot spot we went in search of food.  I had planned to have pork lo mein for dinner and had even chopped everything up.  But, since it was National Cheese Pizza Day Michael got a hankering for pizza and couldn’t get it out of his head.

We ended up finding Larry’s Pizza which was about 5 miles from post and had good reviews.   I wasn’t really expecting much but I was hungry, tired and crabby so we went with it.

We were both very surprised.  First of, it’s a buffet, kinda like a CiCi’s….but…they walk around the entire restaurant with hot fresh pizza’s and serve them to you if you want some.  They’re motto is ‘Home of the pipin’ hot pizza parade’ and they’re not kidding!

After they’ve gone around the entire dining room with a pizza whatever is left goes up on the buffet for anyone that wants more.  We tried several kinds of pizza – baked potato, buffalo chicken, meat lovers, pepperoni, cheese, etc…and they were all really good.  They also have quite a few different dessert pizzas – apple, cherry, peach, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip cookie, banana cream, Bavarian cream…and that’s just a FEW.  And if that’s not enough they have a really nice salad bar too!

We ended up getting home around 7:30 pm and just did some chillin’ for the rest of the night…never even turned the TV on.

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