Travel Day: Camp Atterbury, IN To Scott AFB, IL

Posted by on September 1, 2017

It’s moving day!

Only about 250 some odd miles to travel to Scott Air Force Base today.  Scott is in Belleville, Illinois and is about 25 miles east of St. Louis.

The first 40 miles of today’s drive looked like this…

After 6+ years of full-timing, our moving day chores go pretty smoothly and the biggest majority of them are usually done the day before we move.  I even usually put our destination in the GPS the day before so there’s no need to the morning of departure.

Since we’re finally going back to central time we took that into consideration when we decided what time to pull out.  We always plan for at least an hour stop for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen so with the 250 miles we had to travel, the lunch stop and the time change we decided we didn’t have to be in any hurry and opted to shoot for a 10:00 am departure.

…and then we hit the interstate. Yuck

After breakfast, I did clean up and stowed any remaining stuff and Michael went outside to take down the satellite dish, dump tanks and unhook power and water.  Once everything was stowed we proceeded to hitch up.  Michael makes sure the hitch is in the proper position and then backs the truck while I raise & lower the coach so that it lines up with the hitch, attach the brake line and umbilical cord.

Then once the hitch is locked in place, I check the air in the hitch and add any if needed.  Once done, Michael does a pull test and I move to the back of the coach so that we can do a light check.  I use hand signals to let Michael know which lights are on and working.  Then it’s just a matter of me hopping in the truck and hitting the road.

We ended up pulling out of the Whitaker Place Campground on Camp Atterbury (after a 1 month stay) just about 10:00 am on the dot.  We REALLY enjoyed our stay in this area and are already talking about coming back.  It probably won’t be next summer but hopefully the following year.

Hats off to Walmart!

We made a potty stop at the IL Welcome Center and theyre was 4 Walmart trucks there that had passed us earlier.

I stopped and talked with 3 of the drivers and was told they were all on their way to Houston to ‘help out.’. If that doesn’t do your heart good, nothing will.

Today’s Kelly’s Kitchen location

We also made a stop at Kelly’s Kitchen which turned out to be an old closed down gas station that had plenty of room for us.  We’d planned at stopping at a rest area but when we approached it we found that it was closed and under construction so we just took the next exit (my Next Exit book told me what was there) and found a place to park.


Michael cranked up the genny so that we could recline our recliners and I put together lunch.  We even stayed a little longer than normal as Michael took an impromptu nap!

Site 13 – Scott AFB FamCamp

We arrived at the at the Scott Air Force Base FamCamp about 3:30 pm and got backed into our site WAY faster than normal these days.  LOL  We’re in site 13 (is that good or bad!?!?) with no one on our off door side.  The site is actually kinda tight but we can make anywhere home…and this is just for 4 nights.

The FamCamp only has 22 sites total and most are pretty small.  Each site has water and 20/50 amp but there is a dump station.  For $20 a night…we can deal.
By 4:30 pm I had the oven pre-heating for dinner (Pasties) and Michael had the satellite dish just about squared away.  Afterward we had plenty of time for a couple of episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

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