You Win Some, You Lose Some…

Posted by on August 31, 2017

Michael finished up the work on the new gray tank install on Sunday.  He got the underbelly up and the last screw in place in the late afternoon.  No leaks after letting everything sit for a couple of days and even filling the tank up.  Now…let’s hope it stays that way!

On Monday, he was able to get the Anderson valve ‘oopsie’ taken care of quite easily but still needed a few clamps to finish the job 100%…we picked those up when we went into town another day.

While Michael worked on finishing up the Anderson valve I worked on some of my pre-move chores – laundry, cleaning, etc.

I also secured a new park just south of San Antonio for our rally in October.  I’m just waiting for the contract to be mailed to me and we’ll be golden.

We’re having t-shirts made for the rally and thanking our quick-thinking friend who designed them had the forethought to contact the guy who is making them and have him put them on hold until we knew more about how ‘Harvey’ affected Port Aransas.

Yesterday, I contacted Erika and described what we’d like to see incorporated into the new shirt and she did an awesome job!  We want the shirt design to be a surprise for our attendees so I’ll show you a pic after they see them!

We got some ‘Harvey’ rain during the day on Monday afternoon…not much though.  However, overnight into Tuesday we got quite a bit of rain.  It rained for quite a while and pretty hard most of the time.  I even heard thunder a few times.

HUGE portions

Tuesday morning we went over to the ‘All Ranks’ club for some breakfast.  For such a small post there was quite a bit of business to keep them busy.  We each order our breakfasts and enjoyed them.  Not sure what took us so long to finally try the place out.  They also server lunches and dinners…guess we’ll have to try it out the next time we’re here.

After breakfast we made the 12 mile drive up to the Franklin Walmart to pick up my grocery order which was scheduled between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.  I really enjoy this service.  I can put my order in online through out the week and then just ‘drive up’ and have my groceries loaded in the car.  It really saves time when we have other things planned.

In the afternoon we drove the 15 miles south to Columbus to the AMC theater (LOVE gift cards!) for our weekly movie.  I sure am gonna miss our weekly movie dates when we’re back on a gate!  This week we saw ‘Logan Lucky’…not a movie I wanted to see…at all.

There’s Jay! He’s on the TV as the ‘police spokesperson’!

However, when we were at my niece, Nikki’s, shindig last month and visited with my childhood friend, Jay, we found out that he had a small part in the movie as well as having done some stunts.  Of course, we had to go see it.  Jay has also had small parts or done stunts in The Secret Life of Bees, The Crazies, The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire, Furious 7 and Anchorman 2.

The movie turned out to be much better than I expected!  It was actually pretty good and I’m glad we went.  We ‘heard’ Jay before we actually saw him…his appearance was VERY brief but I got a picture of him on the big screen!

Wednesday was our last day of adventure in this area until we come back…because we’ve both decided we’ll be back!

Not giving up…checking the internet

Because neither of us are good at failure, our first stop was back in Hartsville to find the grave of Barton Mitchel.  You might remember that we looked a few weeks ago and were unsuccessful.  We looked at some pictures online and thought that we could find it using them…so back to the cemetery we went.

We searched the whole place again and still didn’t find it.  Michael did some internet searching and thought we were at the wrong cemetery…even though it looked as if there were only one cemetery in town.

Hooray! We found it!

We set off in search of another cemetery…and found it.  But it’s not surprising Google Maps didn’t know anything about it.  It’s off a road with no signs, no parking, no real entrance and hidden behind trees.  Once we were at the right location we had no problem finding the grave.  This cemetery was really old with headstones dating back to the early 1800s.

Lunch with the Swiss Maid Country Store in the background

With our conquest out of the way we headed over to Hope to the Swiss Maid Store to pick up some Amish goodies.  Homemade bread, donuts, a couple of small frozen pies for the freezer, canned goods, noodles, etc.

They make fresh sandwiches so we each ordered one and then after placing our goodies in the car sat at a picnic table in the town square to enjoy lunch.  It was a gorgeous day to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Atterbury and Bakalar

After lunch we headed to Columbus.  The Atterbury/Bakalar Museum in Columbus is named for Brigadier General William Atterbury and First Lieutenant John Bakalar who were both soldiers from Indiana.   The museum is dedicated to the memory of all military and civilian personnel who served in the wars and conflicts from 1942 to 1970.  The museum is located on what was once Atterbury Air Base and changed to Bakalar Air Base.

The museum is pretty small but nicely done.  I was able to breeze through as only a few displays held my interest.  Michael, however, finds anything and everything pertaining to the military interesting, so he took a little longer than I did to check things out.

This is what we were looking forward to….

We took a ride out to Anderson Falls, which isn’t real far from Hope and the pictures I saw online were gorgeous.  Thankfully, it was a nice drive through the countryside as Anderson Falls was a pretty big let down.  The creek/river that makes up the falls must be WAY low as the waterfall was pretty much just a trickle.

…this is what we got

It was easy to see how big and gorgeous the falls usually are/used to be…but today not so much.  Not sure if this is normal now days or if the water levels in the area are just much too low.  Oh well…you win some you lose some.

The shop truck restored to ‘better’ than new shape

Cummins makes it’s home in Columbus and we made a stop at the cooperate headquarters to view their ‘lobby museum’.  Small but classy, they include a 1985 Dodge Ram pick up truck that was a shop truck at Cummins for nearly 20 years.  It had had a Cummins in-line six diesel engine installed in it and was prototype start to the Cummins-Chrysler partnership.

Michael ‘enjoying’ the BIG motor

On display is also the 1950 Diesel Cummins entrant in the Indy 500.  The car made the 33rd starting position at 129 mph and was eliminated after the 52 lap due to a supercharger drive failure.

In the center of the room is a huge ‘exploded’ motor hanging from the ceiling…once again…not my thing but Michael found it interesting and felt the need to educate me on the placement of the valves and pistons.  <Yawn>

Fountain sodas…betcha can figure out which is which!?

We topped the day off with a stop at Zaharakos Ice Cream Shop.  Originally opened in 1900, Zaharakos is the real deal…marble soda fountain, stained glass, Tiffany lamps, mechanical music playing and delicious ice cream treats!  They also have a small museum displaying soda fountains and mechanical music machines.

Michael and his nourishment for the week!

We each ordered a fountain soda – Michael a Diet Lemon Coke and me a Green River (a green lime Sprite like drink).  We also ordered ice cream!  Michael went for the gold with a banana split, which turned out to be HUGE and I ordered a one scoop hot fudge sundae.  Mine sundae hit the spot…but Michael’s was so messy it hit everything…the counter, his clothes, his napkin AND his tummy!

Once we were back home we had work to do.  We’d received the contract for the new rally location which we signed and emailed back to the park.  We also had some phone calls to make to attendees to find out if they planned to move with the rally or not.  We needed to tally our t-shirt order as we have to finalize it by Friday.  Plus, we needed to update the Heartland Owners forum with all of the necessary information for the new rally location.  Whew!

Once everything was done, we settled in to watch some Sons of Anarchy!  We’re on the last season with just a few episodes left to watch.

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  1. Jan Spaulding

    Kathy – a friend of mine went to the local Chamber of Commerce for some goodies for an event they were hosting for some geocachers. They got a ton of stuff ranging from pencils to T-shirts. Might be something you can do for your rally folks. There were area maps and other good things included as well.

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