BBQ, Pure Prairie League & Hurricane Harvey

Posted by on August 27, 2017

Thursday 8/24

Michael was back to work on the Anderson Valve but found that if he turned the water pump on and ran off the tank…no water!  Oh oh.  Nothing is ever easy is it?  He put in a call to Anderson valve to help do some trouble shooting but the gentleman he needed to talk to was at lunch so Michael left his name and number for a call back…but the call never came.

Here I sit…with a grey water tank in my lap…

In the meantime, Michael decided to move on to get the new grey tank in place.  Not really an easy task as the valves on the top of the tank need to match up (and be glued in place) to the pipe coming from the kitchen sink…and since you can’t really see what you’re doing it’s kind of a crap shoot.

I was under the coach for over an hour holding up the tank, moving it this way, moving it that way, taking the tank down, lifting it back up again, etc etc etc.  While I did that Michael cut pipe, ran upstairs, fiddled with this, pulled on that, undid this, glued that…etc, etc, etc.

I was very happy that I brought my phone AND my Kindle with me as there was plenty of down time for me to read while Michael did his thing.  I could have just come out from under the house and went back under when he was ready for me…but…yeah…that’s not as easy as it sounds…so I just read.  LOL

Friday 8/25

Me and Melba and our photo bomber!

We met our Heartland friend, Melba, for lunch in Columbus as she is staying at a park just south of Columbus for a few days on her way to Alabama.  I am in awe of this 77-year-old woman who travels by herself and navigates her truck and coach like a pro!

Melba is the mother of our friend, Rana.  We met Rana and her husband, John, five or six years ago when we lived at the Capital City RV Park before Michael retired from the Army.  John and Rana were staying at the park while visiting Melba nearby…we’ve stayed connected ever since.

We met at Papa’s Grill just west of Columbus.  We had a really nice lunch (nachos for me, grilled chicken sandwich for Michael and a grilled pork tenderloin sandwich for Melba) food was very good and conversation was awesome.

Michael in his glory…checking out Melba’s projects

Melba had a few maintenance questions for Michael and after discussing things Michael decided to follow Melba to her campground (10 minutes away) to check things out.  He was able to put a temporary fix on a few things but they will have to have a more permanent fix in the future.   Our visit lasted about 3.5 hours but could have lasted longer but Michael needed to get home to work on his own projects.

Michael got a call back from a gentleman at Anderson valve and found out where he went wrong with his installation. Thankfully, it was an easy fix…he just did more work than he needed.

Beautiful weather so we enjoyed a fire and few smores in the evening!  Hopefully, we can squeeze a few more in before we pull out on the first.

Saturday 8/26

Check out those bacon wrapped pork tenderloins!

My cousin, Jason, does a lot of BBQ competitions and he was entered in one today…in Delphi…about 115 miles north of us.  We decided to take the plunge and drive up so that we could root him on.  The competition was part of the Delphi Bacon Festival (4th annual).

We REALLY enjoyed watching Jason and his co-BBQer do their thing.  A lot of planning, prep and work go into one of these competitions.  By the time that we arrived around 1:30 pm the guys had everything in the smoker and we enjoying a little down time….but that didn’t last long as their first turn in was at 3:00 pm.

Such care and precision goes into plating!

It was so interesting to watch them determine which pieces were the best looking and to plate them just right as they’re judged on presentation, flavor and tenderness.  What was even better was that we got to sample everything that they made:  Smoked bbq chicken, ribs and a chicken buffalo dip stuffed pork loin. Oh my!  Everything was out of this world good and even my Texas BBQ lovin’ husband loved every bite!

Grand Champions!

The last turn in time was 4:00 pm and then we had to wait 2.5 hours for the awards to be handed out! This year there were only five teams competing as the competition was a late addition.

Jason and Ron did fantastic!  They took first in chicken, first in ribs and third in ‘anything’ (their pork loin) and overall they were the GRAND champions!  Michael and I both agreed we would LOVE to go to another competition…we had so much fun!

‘Amie’ performance

The big event for the Bacon Festival was the Pure Prairie League as the headliner.  We decided to stay for the 8:45 pm show as who can pass up a FREE concert.  Plus, we knew a few of their songs, especially ‘Amie’.

We really enjoyed the concert, which was ‘bring your own chairs and sit wherever you want’.  We found a spot next to the stage with a nice view.  We settled in about an hour or so before the concert started.

Me with the keyboardist and Donnie Lee Clark the leader singer. Picture was taken by Mike Reilly, original member.

As the guys started arriving and prepping the stage I walked over and met three of them and got my picture taken with them.  Nice guys.

On our way to Delphi we found out that the RV Park (Pioneer Resort in Port Aransas) that was scheduled to be the location of our very first south Texas Chapter Rally was devastated by Hurricane Harvey and is a total loss.  That information came from a couple of friends and a news site.  We’ve got a message out to the park to confirm but are in the process of finding another park, further inland, that has enough room to fit roughly 25 rigs and is available the same weekend.




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