Sliders, Plumbing, Doubleheader and a Fire

Posted by on August 23, 2017

August 20 – 23

Sunday 8/20 – Michael got up bright and early and immediately went to work on removing the cracked grey water tank.  Once it was down he realized that he’d forgotten that there were two holes in the top of the tank – one for the gray water to enter and the other for a vent pipe.  He’d forgotten about the hole for the vent pipe so when he order the fittings he only ordered one.  Oops!  What to do, what to do?

Look at all those fresh veggies – corn, green beans, carrots, broccoli, celery…Yum!

I made a pot of chicken, vegetable and orzo soup for lunch – delicious!  It’s never too hot for a big pot of home-made soup!

Later in the after noon Michael needed to make a run to Menard’s in Columbus for some parts for his latest projects.

While we were out we decided it was a good time for me to sample a White Castle burger.  Michael had had them in the past but I never had so he’s been telling me for a while that he take me to a White Castle so I could try it.

Pretty darn good little burger

For those that have not had them…they’re sliders.  If you order a combo meal it comes with four sliders, fries and a drink.  The burgers are very small and thin and come with onion and pickle…nothing else.  The burgers are cooked on a bed of fried onions (so they’re basically steamed).

I liked ’em.  I thought they were pretty darn good and would go back.  They’re not a gourmet burger but for $5.50 for a meal…you can’t really go wrong.

Monday 8/21 – First thing this morning Michael called the local RV dealer to see if they had the fittings that he was missing and to see if they could cut the holes in the tank and insert the two fittings.

Old tank on the ground…new tank on the table

After being told that they could do the job but it might be the end of the week before they could get to it, Michael took tanks over to Edmundson RV to have the fittings added.  It took a week to get the one he’d ordered online and since we leave here a week from this Friday we didn’t want to wait that long.

By mid afternoon we got a call back from Edmundson RV letting us know that the tank would be ready on Tuesday!

Some of Michael’s handiwork for the Anderson valve install

While at a stand still with installing the new gray tank, Michael worked on getting the lines run for the Anderson valve and he conned me into going under the coach with him….mind you I didn’t stay very long! He pointed out all kinds of stuff he’d worked on in the past, had been working on today and stuff he still needs to do to get both the gray tank installed and the Anderson valve project completed.

Old school eclipse pic by our son, Zack!

It was ‘Eclipse’ day.  We didn’t get into the craze like some but were interested in seeing how the whole thing was gonna play out.  I thought it might get a little darker…but it really didn’t.  I took a couple of ‘selfie’ pictures with my phone so I didn’t have to look directly at the sun.  It was pretty cloudy so I basically got some clouds with a sun shining behind them.

Our sons also took a couple of pictures and we all shared pics back and forth.  Oldest son, Zack, did the old paper thingie method and got a cool result.  We had a couple across the way in their lawn chairs with their glasses on, staring up at the sky.  That was about the extent of our ‘Eclipse’.

Tuesday 8/22

Movie and Grocery day!

I placed my order with Franklin Walmart and let them do the shopping and then I picked the order up about 10:00 am.  Then I went across the street to Meijer to pick up some meat and produce (not a fan of Walmart’s meat or produce).  Took it all home, put it away and we were ready to head to Columbus for a movie double-header!

Small but tasty buffet

We stopped at Peking Chinese Restaurant in Edinburgh for lunch.  They had a small buffet set up and we both decided to go with that….$7.00 included drink, dessert and tax.

For such a small town there was quite a bit of lunch traffic.  The food was pretty fresh…although a few of the lesser eaten dishes might have gotten a little cold.  Everything had good flavor so we wouldn’t have any issue going back.

The grey tank with the addition of the spin fittings

We also picked up the gray water tank that Michael had dropped off at Edmundson RV the day before to have some fittings installed.

We decided to do a movie double-header…Annabelle:  Creation and The Hitman’s Bodyguard.  Annabelle is a horror flick…not my first choice…ever.  But Michael wanted to see it so I watched a good portion of it from behind my shirt.  He enjoyed it…me…I could have done without.  LOL

The Hitman’s Bodyguard on the other hand…very good!  We both really, really enjoyed it.  The team up of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson?  Awesome!  They had us laughing through the entire film!  I was even laughing after the movie on the way home at some of the lines…  Go…see it!

Wednesday 8/23

Michael was back to work getting the finishing touches done so that he could get the new gray water tank installed.  He even added a board under the kitchen floor where we had a soft spot where a pipe from the kitchen sink drained into the tank.  Can’t even tell anymore!

The soft spot in the kitchen floor was due to this cut out, as seen from underneath the coach.







Here is the same spot but with the addition of a small board to help reinforce









I worked on making some reservations for tours we’ll take while we’re in Little Rock in a few weeks, blogging, a few household chores and did some work on our upcoming South Texas rally.

Dave’s Delicious Dawgs

For lunch Michael went and picked us up some ‘dawgs’ from Dave’s Dawgs here on post.  The post is small so it was less than a 5 minute drive.  We’d been told that they were very good so figured we’d better give ’em a try before we leave the area.  They’re made with Nathan’s hot dogs so you know they had to be good.

The weather has finally cooled down enough that we were able to enjoy another fire tonight!  It hasn’t cooled down much below the 70’s at night.  But we’re getting down into the 50’s for the next few nights and only getting highs of the low 80s.  Good stuff.  Plans are to have a fire the next couple of nights.  Yay!




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  1. Judy Winkle

    We had the same problem in our kitchen floor on our ’11 Rushmore only we had to fix from the top. It was not an easy fix. Wonder what HL was thinking when they did that cut out?

    • Kelly

      I can’t imagine fixing from the top was an easy fix! With Michael already under the coach, the underbelly down and the tank removed it was a pretty easy fix! Whew!

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