Real Life Home Improvement

Posted by on August 18, 2017

‘Home Improvement’ projects continue…after hunting down a package that was sent here to Camp Atterbury, Michael has all of the necessary pieces to get the new grey tank installed.  Woohoo!

The camp host ended up with the package and somehow doesn’t know the names of the campers (whatever – insert eye roll) she sat on the package all week while Michael went back and forth between the mail room, Logistics and the Edinburgh Post Office trying to locate the package.  On Wednesday  he happened to see her and mentioned the package…that’s when she told him she’d had it all week.  (insert throat grab here).

Still in GOOD shape!

Our calendar reminder reminded us that it was time to check the anode rod in the water heater and Michael got that out of the way right away.  He emptied the water heater and pulled out the rod to find that it is still in great shape!  We do need to remember to buy a replacement so that we have one on hand when the time comes.

FoodSaver doing it’s thing!

A while back we ordered a FoodSaver as Michael has been talking about one for quite some time and we’ve read quite a bit about how Andy from My Old RV enjoys his….so we bit the bullet.

We purchased the 2244 model, which is one of the smaller units but since we only have so much space in this here tiny home we opted to go with the smaller unit.  Plus, since it’s just the two of us rather than a larger family we think this size will do just fine.

So far, it’s great.  The machine vacuum seals the food in a nice little package and provides quite a bit more storage space in our itty bitty freezer.  The food stays fresh longer and no more worry of freezer burn!

Poor Mikey’s appearance AFTER he finally came out from under the coach when he took the underbelly down.

Michael got the underbelly pulled down and out of the way in preparation of starting work on removing a replacing the cracked gray water tank and installing the new Anderson valve.  Hopefully, with those two projects done we will see NO more water in the basement!  Prayers are welcome.

We’ve also been working on putting the details together for our first Heartland Owners Club rally as Chapter Leaders….exciting stuff!

I’ve done some research on things to do in the area, good restaurants, etc.  While Michael’s been working with our friend Ericka to put together a t-shirt design.  Things seem to be falling into place nicely…only 51 days until RALLY TIME!

4 Responses to Real Life Home Improvement

  1. Kerry Jackson

    I see we are not the only ones that have water issues! 😞
    We have had to replace 3 tanks, various leaks here and there, plumbing that was installed by a 5 year old or an underpaid factory worker!!! But we think we have everything rebuilt and usable at this point !! ( 4 years) !! We love our RV and don’t get me wrong, the factory people have been great and good to us. But man, it never happens at a good time!!
    We have had our belly down so many times that we don’t put insulation in anymore. Not worth the time or hassle!! One thing we added to our tanks was a Ferco connector. It has a little ‘give’ at the connection point to the tanks, if you don’t have them already, you might check them out.
    Good luck in your repairs!!! Know exactly what your going through!
    Ps, not sure what brand tank you have, but at the recent FROG Talleyrand cracked tanks were discussed and the manufacturer ‘America-cart’ has a disclaimer in the owners manual that using dish soap, and many other ‘soaps’ is not advised as it could break down the plastic and cause cracking. This led to a lot of discussion and a call to the manufacturer by someone. The manufacturer confirmed it and advised the person to talk to their rv manufacturer as to what to use to wash dishes and shower!!
    You can’t make this stuff up!!
    Best wishes and safe travels!

    • Kelly

      Unfortunately, we’ve had more water issues than we can count over the last 6 years. Not just with the tanks…although at this point we’ve had to deal with cracks in 3 of the 4 tanks. Most of those cracks were due to the tank rubbing up against metal framework.

      But I guess taking these things down the road things are gonna rub, move, bounce, etc and there’s not a whole lot you can do to change that.

  2. Pat & Wyndy

    Dirty, hot job – way to go Mikey! What area are you the Chapter Leaders for now?

    • Kelly

      Hey Pat! Hey Wyndy!

      We’re the South Texas Chapter Leaders! Y’all should come to our rally this fall! October 6-8 in Port Aransas, Texas at Pioneer RV Park. We’d LOVE to have you!

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