No More Tippy Toilet!

Posted by on August 14, 2017

So…we’ve had a ‘tippy toilet’ for  a couple of months.  Pretty much since we had our tanks cleaned while we were at the rally in Elkhart.  After the guy finished we noticed that the toilet was ‘popped’ up off the floor a bit.  Michael was able to ‘pop’ it back into place but it’s been kinda tippy ever since.

Michael decided it was time to do some plumbing anyway so he waited until we got here to, Camp Atterbury, to tackle the project.  He wanted to run all new ABS pipe (which was NOT easy to find in this area!).

Cracked flange

When he removed the toilet he found that the toilet flange was busted and that was most likely the cause of the ‘tippy’ issue.  He removed all the old pipe, got the new pipe cut to length and got it replaced fairly easily.  He also moved the toilet about an inch further away from the wall to give a little more space between the wall and toilet.

You might remember that a few days ago he was cutting a board to put under the toilet on the basement ceiling to help give the toilet more support.  He even painted it black so that it blends into the basement ceiling.

He also gave the toilet a thorough cleaning inside and out…so much so that it now sparkles!  The end result?  No more ‘tippy toilet’!!

Michael and I follow several blogs…most of which are either RVing blogs or Gate Guarding blogs…some of which are both!

Here you can see the board Michael added to help sturdy the toilet.

One particular blog that we both read is My Old RV.  The writer, Andy, has been gate guarding since the beginning of time…well, ok…maybe not quite that long.  But a long time anyway…therefore he is an excellent resource for all things ‘gate guard’.  Plus he offers a lot of ‘life lessons’ in his writing.

Michael has been following his blog longer than I have but now that we both read his writings we will often discuss his latest post.  What we didn’t know was that Andy, in turn, reads our blog!  How did we find that out?  Read below:

“Instead of me getting all riled up,  let me shift gears and clue you in on a blog I thoroughly enjoy – and have been enjoying since early Winter last year.  Michael and Kelly are fulltimers and gate guard a part of the year.  To me, they epitomize the full time RV lifestyle.  They work hard and smart and value the old school work ethic, they travel to historic places that interest them and they utilize their mobile lifestyle to visit friends and family often.  Seriously, how much better can it get?  Kelly writes well and their blog is one I visit on a regular basis.  I would highly  recommend you do the same-same especially if you are contemplating a fulltime RV lifestyle or if you are interested in becoming an oil field gate guard.”

We were both shocked and honored to wind up as subject matter in Andy’s latest blog post.  To be mentioned in such a way was quite humbling…and by the ‘King of Gate Guarding’ no less!  Thank you for such kind words, Andy.  We’re glad to hear that you are reading and enjoying!

Speaking of Gate Guarding…the summer is winding down and it’s getting closer to us having to head back to south Texas to work in the oil patch.  We’ve been in contact with our Company Man throughout the summer and still hope/plan to join back up with our crew when we get back to the patch toward the end of October.  You just never know what will happen.

Sadly, our supervisor decided it was time to move on and has taken a job elsewhere.  We’ll miss him!  He was always good to us and truly appreciated us…which is rare, it seems, these days.  We wish him well and will continue to check in on him now and again to make sure that he is enjoying his new life outside the oil patch.


2 Responses to No More Tippy Toilet!

  1. Andy

    The recognition is well-earned. Enjoy your furlough from the oil patch.

    • Kelly

      Thank you! We are enjoying our time away very much! Although before long it will be time to change gears and put our ‘oil caps’ on!

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